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How much salary should I ask for?

Updated on June 27, 2011

“Please submit your resume along with your salary requirement in order to be considered for this position.”

Many posted job openings include this statement requiring candidates to submit not only their resume, but also their salary requirement in order to be considered for the job. For most new graduates seeking jobs (and even for many more experienced job hunters) this presents a dilemma. “How much money should I ask for?” You don’t want to request too low of a salary but you also don’t want to eliminate yourself from consideration by asking for more money than the employer is willing to pay.

Fortunately, help exists! On the internet job seekers can draw on several free will tell you what you can request and what you can expect to get paid for the kind of job for which you are applying. Here is a partial list of some simple to use websites that are available:

As you identify salary information for the job you seek, remember that these sites are guides and not hard and fast salary facts. To obtain the most reliable information it is always a good idea to compare salary results from more than one site and, where possible, confirm your information through any other resources you might have. With your salary requirement inhand, you can increase your security in what you request from the employer by presenting yourrequirement as a range such as “low to mid $40’s” instead of a single amount - for example “my salary requirement is $42,000.”

Knowing how much money you should ask a potential employer for has always required some effort on the jobseeker’s part. In today’s constantly changing workplace that effort is essential, not only get the job you want but also to receive what you are worth. The wise and successful jobseeker will always be the one who takes the time to get it right.


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