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How parents sabotage their children’s business dreams?

Updated on March 16, 2016

We all know that parents love their children and they try to help them in every possible way.

But have you ever thought that parents are not always aware of what is best for their infants?

A friend of mine came to me yesterday with a problem. She was angry, because her daughter wanted to quit her job and start a business. My friend was terrified that they won’t be able to pay the bills anymore and pay for her college and her state was that making business was nonsense. She said that she her young daughter should study and get a well-paid job rather than trying the “impossible”. So she asked me what she can do about the situation. And I replied:

- Just let her chase her dream!

- But what if it doesn’t work and she turns out broke and miserable?

- You will help her! Just let her live the way she wants. Do you want your daughter to be miserable for the rest of her life, because she hasn’t even tried to fulfill her dreams? Don’t you want her to become something more? Everybody fails, but if she fails, you will be there to help her try again. Sometimes parents don’t understand what their children want and that’s normal, but you shouldn’t stop her, she is smart and responsible and she will find a way to do it! Business is about risk, about going out there and proving what you can do, about showing the world who you truly are no matter what other people think about you! Business is about creating, working hard and about giving value to the world – it is more than just earning money! It is about changing the world around you! I’d say that I would be proud to have such enterprising child and you should too!

So dear parents, even if your children don’t want to be entrepreneurs, you should always support them, no matter the circumstances!


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