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How to Achieve Competence in a Workplace Meeting and Discussion, part 2

Updated on March 20, 2011

In order to achieve the learning outcomes stated in the learning material, you must follow the steps indicated below.  Each step has a corresponding resource or specific instructions to be used in accomplishing the given activities.

Note:  Upon accomplishing the activities, the instructor will observe the following: 

·         Proper intonation

·         Correct pronunciation

       In writing activities;

·         Capitalization

·         Spelling

·         Proper use of punctuation marks


1.    The trainees will ask the modules from the instructor.

2.    Read:  Information Sheet No. 1

3.    Follow the instructions given in the activity Sheet No.1

4.    Answer the Self Check 1.

Note:  Follow the same steps No. 1-4 mentioned above to accomplish the Information Sheet Nos. 2-13:

·         Information sheet # 2: Asking and Obtaining Information

·         Information Sheet # 3:  Types of Questioning

·         Information Sheet # 4:  The Meeting

·         Information Sheet # 5:  A Sample of Parliamentary Procedure.

·         Information Sheet # 6:  Group Discussion

·         Information Sheet # 7: Panel Discussion

·         Information Sheet # 8: Symposium

·         Information Sheet # 9 Filling Out of Application Form.

·         Information Sheet # 10: Requisition Forms

·         Information Sheet # 11: Excuse Slip

·         Information Sheet # 12: Job Order Form.

·         Information Sheet # 13: Telephone Message Forms


1.  Communication Instructor will give the   

     learning materials.

2.  Information Sheet No. 1:  What is 

     Workplace Information?

1.    Activity Sheet No. 1 What is  


2.    Self Check  No. 1

     Activity Sheet No. 2 to 15

     Self Check No. 2 to 13

lo 1: obtain and convey workplace information


What is workplace information?


A newly hired worker undergoes an orientation about the work to be done, its scope and limitation, routines to do, policies or announcements to understand or directives to disseminate.  She/he has to acquaint himself/herself with the company’s product, personnel, company property and procedure.

However a worker faces a big adjustment because she/he has difficulty of learning everything in an orientation only, moreover, he/she is afraid to ask questions. He has to do a lot of readings to get information. What materials can he/she use to get information? 

Media such as forms, letters memorandums, reports, bulletins, news releases, meeting minutes, newsletter and employee handbooks are some of the communication tools that can provide information to a worker.  All of these activities require reading and writing skills,

With the use of these media, a worker will be informed, that will lead him/her to work systematically in the company while the employer will have a satisfaction on the performance of the worker.

Appropriate Sources:

  1. Medium of Communication


1.    Memorandum is used to direct to a specific individual to commend or call attention to a work done.

2.    Circular is directed to number of personnel or people to transmit information, policies, announcements or directives.

3.    Letter is to communicate orders, claims, adjustments or sales.  It conveys a more personal touch than the memo.

4.    Manual supplies how to-do it information.

5.    Employee handbook or orientation manual presents corporate policies and practices, employee rights and privileges, duties and obligations.  It includes also the company’s history and goals and information such as the salary scheme in the company, chances for advancement, vacation and overtime benefits.

6.    House organ can be a magazine, tabloid, or journal.  It aims to improve work and employee-employer relations.

7.    Bulletin Board is used for motivational announcement (health and safety programs, fund raising drives) and for display or routines information and subjects of general interest such as approaching holidays, social events, job openings, new appointment and recognition of outstanding employees.

8.    Public address system is used for emergencies to break information immediately to a group.

9.    Pay envelop insert is a sure way for a place of information to be effectively transmitted.

10. Open house exposes actual operation of a business to a group so that it become better acquainted and informed on the company

11. Reports provide invaluable data to help management arrive at decisions.

12. Surveys bring up to management first hand data on the opinions, attitudes, feelings and other relevant information and about the target subject.

13. Meetings and conferences are means of opening out problems and working out solutions to these problems.

14. Seminars and workshop are held to upgrade knowledge and skill of personnel to do their jobs better.

15. Telephone, intercoms, and cell phones cut physical distance between speakers and provide immediate feedback without the need of face to face communication.

16. Socials have turned out to be great means to many interdepartmental or individual human relation problems and in leveling status among personnel.

17. Communication technology makes it possible to send oral and written messages through computers and electronic transmission systems to speed up and improve the communication process.


  1. Human Resources:

1.    Team members – refer to workers who work in the same level of work.

2.    Suppliers – are the ones who provide raw materials/equipment/tools that are used in the company for services and production.

3.    Trade personnel- people who are connected with business.

4.    Local government officials – people who render services in issuing permits, licenses, taxes.

5.    Industry bodies – refer to workers, line leaders, supervisor and management who work hand in hand.



Activity 1: Read the sample of memorandum below:


TO                  :  Mr Randy Gui

FROM                        :  Robintini Mabuhay

SUBJECT     ;  Request for Stock Letterhead

DATE             :  June 5, 2006


The availability of letter head as a standard stock item in the Sales Department would increase office productivity and reduce clerical costs. Letterheads are important because they enhance our company image.

We use approximately 10,000 letterhead annually.  We therefore request permission to place an order for one-year supply of letterhead.

                                                                                    Robintini Mabuhay

1.    What information can be obtained from the memo?

2.    What would you do if you were Mr. Randy Gui?

Activity 2

 Take a look at another sample of communication tool and find out if it provides information:


40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong

Metro Manila, Philippines

October 5, 2005


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

San Miguel Corporation


Dear Mr. Soriano: 

San Miguel Corporation earned a consolidated net income of Php596 million in the third quarter of 1992, 17% over the Php 510 million recorded in the same period last year.  Consolidated net sales increased 1% to Php 13.54 billion from Php 12.54 billion.

This performance brought the company’s consolidated net income for the first nine months of the year to 2.16 billion for the same period last year.  Consolidated net sales for the first three-quarters totaled Php 42.4 billion, an increase of 10% from Php38.5 billion.

The improved third quarter profit performance was the result mainly of streaming measures, more effective control of business costs, and higher efficiences arising from the San Miguel group’s expansion and modernization program.

We hope to be able to maintain, if not increase, the percentage of profit achieved by the company last year.  This we hopoe to attain through higher productivity rate strengthen control measures.

Sincerely yours,



1.  Does the letter provide complete information ?______.

2.  Does it help you to be informed about the company?_____.

3.  How would you inform your co-workers?

4.  In a simple but clear sentence, write down the important message of the letter     


It is best to note that, it requires careful reading and interpretation in order to get the information provided in any of the communication tool.  You must be patient enough to look for information that will help you informative of the company where you will work.

Activity 3:


Write your sample of memo below:




Write “T” is the statement is true and “F” if the statement is false. Write your answer on the blank provided:

_____1.  It is enough for a worker to attend an orientation to be well informed of

               the work and of the company.

_____2.  Workplace information refers to the company profile, policies to be

                implemented, directives to follow and announcements to understand.

_____3.  There are means to obtain or get information in a workplace.

_____4.  A worker to get and convey information can use media or

               communication tools.

______5.  Reading is required to get information.



List five (5) media or communication tools that can help you to obtain workplace information.  Be able to explain each. Write your answer below:




Read the announcement usually posted in the bulletin board of an industrial company:



            The following workers in the Packaging Department are requested to attend a briefing about the new assignment to be given.  The briefing will be tomorrow August 9, 2006 at 2p.m. in the conference room.

                        Mark C. Perez

                        Arnold P. Polbos

                        Rina F. Gagarin

                        May I. Lorena

            Your presence is a must.

In a complete sentence, write the information you obtain from the announcement.              


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