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How to Be a Truck Driver

Updated on March 1, 2012

Job description:

•Truck drivers are the largest group of Jobs in the U.S

•Driving long distance is a not a requirement, but those that do earn significantly more.

•Have a class A-CDL license endorsed by your state is the key to terrific job opportunities

There are plenty of ways to transport goods, but the most popular way to get goods to the shelf is through the use of Trucks. Trucks are used to transport goods all around the U.S. Some are situated in local destinations while other transport goods all across the nation. This is why, the there are more truck driving jobs available in the U.S than any other type of job.

Truck driving is not as easy as people think. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a large truck he is responsible for getting the cargo he is carrying from one point to another point safely. They are required to follow all state laws including stopping at weigh stations, traffic laws, keeping complete and accurate records. Also, making sure their trucks are up and running when it is time to go again.

There have been federally mandated regulations that all truckers must abide by

1. No driving over 11 hours a day

2. No working for more than 16 hours a day

3. Between delivers a truck driver must rest a period of at least 10 hours

4. Truck drivers are limited to maximum 60 hours a week

These are some of the basic mandated rules setup by the department of transportation for drivers for safety issues.

Many do not think that driving a truck would be for them because of some of the negatives that can be associated with it like boredom, loneliness, and tiredness. These are real issues, but being able to maintain a healthy diet, enough interaction socially, regular exercise and resting often these can certainly be diminished.

Training and certifications:

Truck drivers have to go through a pretty intensive training course, to be able to qualify for the proper license to able to drive a truck. There is even more training and certifications required if you want to get a specialty licenses for hazardous material, heavier loads over 6000 lbs, or other specialty carriers. Getting updated license and continued education for them can open up a variety of different truck driving opportunities that you did not have before.

Training and education for a commercial driver’s license can be obtained in a variety of ways. There are state sponsored school programs from vocational and technical schools. There are also in-depth courses that are available from community and university colleges that you can take. They teach the basics, intermediate, and advanced criteria that you need to become a successful truck driver with the right credentials.

States require all truck driver applicants to pass basic criteria

1. Valid driver’s license (clean driving history)

2. Pass a written test

3. Pass a drug test

4. Pass a physical exam

These are basic requirements and companies may have stricter requirements it is up to them though. So, get a license and look into the schools near you and start your training to be one of America’s elite drivers.


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