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How to Boost Business Sales with Automated Marketing and CRM

Updated on January 11, 2018
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I am a Lead Generation, Nurturing and Conversion Consultant – Utilizing CRM Technology.

CRM software and automated marketing tools can elevate business sales.
CRM software and automated marketing tools can elevate business sales.

CRM software and automated marketing tools can elevate business sales.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the art and science of keeping your name and information in front of a likely buyer. Frequently, you have already done business with this individual or enterprise. However, as your company grows, how can you keep track of everyone and still individualize the approach? With automated marketing and CRM, you can accomplish both.

Understanding the CRM Time Killer

Manual CRM is labor-intensive. It involves the creation of targeted emails and social media messages. Even if you have staff members to handle this aspect of your corporate marketing, do you want them to spend the majority of their workday performing these tasks? After all, they could be going after new business in that time.

How Automated Marketing and CRM Work

A software platform that combines the tasks associated with good-quality CRM and marketing can be a game changer.

  • Lead nurturing. In the past, you might have put your best sales expert on the job. This professional would then personally develop a relationship with the customer. Since the buyer's experience with your company changes as a sale progresses, the sales expert would have to adjust and readjust the approach. Automation can free up some of the employee's time with pre-determined communications.
  • Drip campaigning. Long-term engagement is a hallmark of this aspect of lead nurturing. It is not unusual for some companies to spend months on this process while gradually moving a set of prospects to the sale. Because consistency in message, look, and engagement is a crucial component for success, automation ensures that you stay on top of these prospective customers.
  • Lead scoring. Interacting with the shoppers who send the strongest buying signals is vital to your success. Ranking interested consumers correctly requires a human touch. But there is a level of automation that gives your sales department a head start.
  • Multi-channel marketing. Free up substantial time for your marketing pros with automated multi-channel marketing. Employ a combination of predefined direct mail, email, social media, and website interactions that target specific members of your client base. Because you can pinpoint the criteria that this demographic should possess, automation lets you create personalized content that features the personal touch your customers want.

Gauge Success with On-Demand Analytics

If you send a promotional email to a segment of your target demographic, you want to know how effective it was. Analytics tools should tell you how many customers visited the embedded URL. At the same time, you also want to know how many clients never opened the email. This data collection provides you a snapshot of your campaign's overall success or failure.

From there, you can re-tool as needed. Of course, when you automate the process, the analytics give you the data in real time. Your marketing department may then be able to change tactics in midstream if needed. Doing so can be instrumental when you are in active competition with a newcomer to your niche.

Tie in Video Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Similar Campaigns

Know where your inquiries originate. More and more businesses are moving toward video marketing as a means to engage a more visually oriented segment of the audience. When you know the types of videos that encourage interactions, you can hone in on providing more of this kind of content. The same is true for the pay-per-click advertising budget that you allocate.

Of course, trying to figure all of this out on your own is difficult. It takes an expert in the field of marketing to handle one aspect of what we discussed, let alone all of them. At MaaS Pros, we routinely work with business owners just like you who want to take their companies to the next level of profitability with automated marketing and CRM.


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