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How to Bridge the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

Updated on September 18, 2016
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Oare Da Vinci is a life coach based in South Africa and he teaches vital lessons that can help you become the best you can be!


The difference between those who are making progress and others who get more of the same, lies in the gap between knowing and doing. It is easy to lay claim to knowing what to do but as they say ‘’the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. Why do some people fail to get results why others excel at what they do?

Here are a few insights that will amaze you!

Abraham Lincoln's Tips

Nugget #1

Keep Your Focus

The most promising of ideas would fail if the facts necessary to make it work are inaccurate or not-well-thought-out. The more defined your goal is at every point in time; the easier it is to have them fulfilled. Imagine running with a goal of developing a product to make everyone happy? What this shows is that you have not given depth of thought to your goal. It is impossible to make everyone happy as people have a different thing that ails them.

It is far more conceivable to say you are developing a product to make people have breakfast in 5 minutes. This is entirely splendid as people not only have a problem coming up with breakfast in the morning, they also have to ensure they are not late for work. So, pick an area of focus that is defined and work it out.

Nugget #2

Master Your Turf

No one can have an answer to everything and this is clearly a global limitation that man has to contend with in the course of his journey through life. When you are able to fix your gaze on a given sphere while giving it all you have got, you are more likely to be a success in that regard. The most successful people and brands on the earth always have an area of expertise and you ought to learn from them.

When you say Bill Gates, people look in the direction of computers; Mohammed Ali evokes memories of boxing mastery; Usain Bolt reminds you of sprint races; when you say Steve Jobs, people think of iPhone and Apple. You need a thorough grasp of a given field to make impact and this is necessary to narrow the gap between what you know and what you are doing.

Nugget #3

Give it Time

Time is a great elixir and if you know how to prioritize your goals, schedule them and have a workable timeline of events, you will excel in your endeavors. For some people, the rush to make it big so easily is their biggest nemesis and this shows up in their jumping from one facet of life to the other in a short space of time. When you give time for your aspirations to blossom and grow, you are set to narrow the knowing and doing divide.

What needs to be actively done is to make sure that you are not just sitting back and expecting that things will work out. What is needed here is for you to continue at what you are doing till it blossoms while staying on the cutting edge of your aspirations. Part of what you could do is to enlarge your sphere of thought by relating with like minds, continuing with research and conceiving how to improve on your product or service.

Nugget #4

Resist the Low Moments

Everyone faces low moments and that is not an excuse to fail or give up. Abraham Lincoln failed 12 times in related endeavors till he became president. He never gave up on his aspirations till he got elected in 1860 as the American President. If he had succumbed to discouragement, he would never have emerged as the White House Householder he became. Same story goes for Thomas Edison who is reputed for the Light Bulb. He famously said he discovered 10,000 ways that the Light Bulb won’t work.

All humans have their low moments, refusing to yield to the lower natures will keep your brow brightened, giving you a boost to face another day and a chance to make it work. Consider reading books, listening to motivational messages and keep up the expectations -for in it lies your ability to bridge the knowing and doing gap.

Nugget #5

Nothing is New

If you can accept that nothing is new under the sun, it might as well make it easier for you to face up to whatever challenges that line your path to bridging the gap between what you know and what you are able to do.

There are professional chat-rooms where people of like-minds can share their experiences and here, you will get more than a nudge to trudge on till you attain your defined goals. You can subscribe to a book club near you as reading gives you an opportunity to expand your horizon and brighten your paradigm.

How to Escape the Rut in the Your Present and next Stage of Your Life

The Book Example

When I first read the book -“How to Escape the Rut in the Present and next Stage of Your Life”, what occurred to me was that as an individual, you can determine the direction of your life

For people who say they do not know what to do to make progress in their given sphere, the book prescribes tools to help you gain focus and maximize your progress .In this hub, I have provided vital linkages that will help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

Self-Help Nugget

1. List your dire aspirations

2. Rank them in order of urgency

3. Pick the first

4. List what you need to make it happen

5. Consider if you have all it takes right now for it to become a reality

6. List the areas of help you can use

7. List the steps that can take you to the help you need

8. Plot a time frame for number 3

9. Start with the first step in number 4 and follow through with the others

10. Don’t give up, you will emerge triumphant!

© 2016 Oare Da Vinci


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