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Bargain Shopping for you: Great deal sites that save you money and time

Updated on February 25, 2015

Saving Money is Easy

Finding a bargain on the Internet isn't hard. Saving money using the Internet isn't hard either. And you don't have to stand in any lines or camp out overnight or risk getting trampled by other crazy bargain hunters.

Unfortunately, there are so many bargain sites on the web offering to save you money on this or that, it's often difficult to vet every one. I've shopped most of the bargain sites on this list and I've tried to provide descriptions about the quality of each site. That being said, I highly recommend taking some time to peruse the various policies on each. Some have free shipping. Some make their money off the shipping. Check out each one before making a purchase. Ultimately, finding bargains on the web is fairly easy and there are plenty of ways to save money on really great products.

Is This How You Get a Bargain?

Join the World Wide Web for a Great Deal

Before the Internet, those of us who searched for bargains in an effort to save money might have gone down to a local store, maybe a Target, and perused the clearance section on a regular basis. Otherwise, we'd just wait for the weekend circulars to come out and shop for our bargains that way. After all, who doesn't love getting a great deal and saving some cash? Of course, part of the risk was heading to the store after all those bargains had been sold. And who still participates in Black Friday? Not me, thanks.

The Internet has obviously changed all that (is this news to anyone?). Below are the bargain sites that I've found that I tend to visit on a regular basis because they provide daily specials at incredible prices. I'll briefly describe what each one does. At the bottom are links to the various bargain sites. And this is sort of a non-disclaimer, but there are no affiliate fees involved in any of my links. I'm recommending these bargain sites because I like them and they're useful.

One thing to keep in mind from some of these bargain sites is that one way they make money is to charge a shipping and handling fee with each item. So if you buy 10 of one item, they might charge you $5.99 to ship each one. Just keep an eye out for that.

No More Rack

I just discovered this site and it's pretty amazing. Tons and tons of name brand and off brand merchandise. Since I just bought a Jambox for $300 on Amazon and found it on here for $219, I was pretty impressed. Lots of good stuff. This might be my new favorite bargain site. Shipping is just $2 per item.


Woot is one of the leaders in the "Bargain a day" category and they were recently bought out by Amazon. Woot has five categories and one item in each category each day. Those categories are: sell-out, kids, shirt, wine and regular. They also have a robust forum community where deals from around the web are posted.

1 Sale A Day

1 Sale a Day is a lot like woot. Their categories include: watches, jewelry, tech, and miscellaneous. I've found some good stuff here.

There are also partner deals and they feature good credit card deals. I recently signed up for a Chase United Airlines credit card. You get 50,000 miles after spending $2,000 in the first three months.

Incidentally, 1SaleaDay appears to have bought out Ben's Outlet, a former good bargain site I used to have on this list.

Just Deals

Just Deals sells a single product each day at a giant discount. Generally, they focus on technology stuff. Here's what the site says about itself: is a "deal of the day" site that features exclusive deals that other sites cannot match. Our prices are always 40-90% off retail, so you better act fast: once a deal is sold out, it's gone! Deals are offered in 24-hour cycles.

New Egg

I guess I figure most people know about New Egg, but I thought I'd throw them in here because I've had such fabulous luck with them. I will tell you that, as a person in retail, I can actually use New Egg as a supplier. That's how good their prices are. If you didn't know, they sell computers and technology-related stuff. Also, they have the best customer service around.

Here's what New Egg says about itself: Providing computer parts and hardware, hard drives, cameras and software as well as electronics, tools, appliances, sporting goods, jewelry, watches, gaming, and much more. With fast-shipping! Once you know, you Newegg!


Have you ever gone to a local electronics store for a cable and wondered why in the world an HDMI cable costs $60? Me too. Monoprice is proof that cables don't have to cost that much. This is primarily a cable reseller and their prices are stunning. Any cable you ever needed can be purchased here.

Dynamite Time

This site is all about watches. I love watches. Sure, they're going out of style, but if you want to get a great deal on a watch, this is the place to go.

T and T Daily Deals

Although TandTDailyDeals still exists, it operates more like an aggregator and/or search engine for deals and includes travel discounts and last minute travel discounts. Not quite the site it used to be, but potentially useful.

Daily Steals

Another one product, one day site. Lots of good tech stuff. Daily Steals recently bought out Ice Monkey (or perhaps it was the other way around) and now the two sites are combined. There are lots of nice deals here including a section called "Heists" which appear to be super bargains.

Deal Sucker

Recently added! An aggregate site that lists tons of deals from other sites. Very useful.

Here's what Deal Sucker says about itself: Deal of the Day Monitor, One Deal a Day Tracker and Aggregation of all existing websites that offer daily deals on the web.

There are the deals the site offers and then there is a community portion where users can post deals that they've found. There's also a local deals section. Ultimately, a very useful site.

Have a Favorite Bargain Site?

Finally, I would love for people to post in the comments section if they have other recommendations for sites similar to these that maybe aren't that well-known. The more we all know, the more we benefit.

What is your favorite bargain/deal site?

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  • crankalicious profile image

    crankalicious 4 years ago from Colorado

    You're very welcome!

  • Kimberly Vaughn profile image

    Kimberly Vaughn 5 years ago from Midwest

    Great hub! The only website I have ever heard of before is New Egg. I am going to have to check the other sites out.

  • profile image

    TheBlackPhantom 5 years ago

    Hey Cranalicious,

    I came across you page, must say good compilation!! Here's another site which is quite promising which i found

  • profile image

    rmsmall 5 years ago

    Great article thank you. Another lesser known site I found is

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Awesome, thanks for the info

  • Ancillotti profile image

    Ancillotti 6 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

    Up! Excellent hub!

  • crankalicious profile image

    crankalicious 6 years ago from Colorado

    Thanks for your comment. I hope the list is useful.

  • kshankin profile image

    kshankin 6 years ago from Rochester Hills

    A fine list indeed, thank you for sharing!