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How to Create Eagerness in Learning Skills and Developing Such Skills, part 1

Updated on January 23, 2011

1. Improve your listening awareness and efficiency

2. Follow verbal and written instructions with ease;

3. Adjust to different working situations easily

4. Cultivate patience and self-discipline

5. Gain self-confidence in doing a certain task.

Listening Effectively

¤Increase your listening span ¤Take time to listen ¤Give full attention ¤Restate the message ¤Don’t overreact to delivery.

Effective listening requires you to concentrate, ready to clarify the speaker’s message and poise to deal with the feelings the message is arousing. In short, it demands that you actively listen.

You can improve your listening awareness and efficiency if you follow these guidelines:

 1. Increase your listening span

  - give the speaker the opportunity to make his point before you speak;

  - ask the speaker to repeat or clarify if you don’t get the whole message;

  - constantly evaluate your understanding of the message;

  - never attempt to interrupt the speaker.

2. Take time to listen

  - make the speaker feel that he has enough time to talk freely

3. Give full attention

  - show the speaker that you are interested on what he says by listening intently

4. Restate the message

- inhibit yourself from evaluating hastily;

- try to see his point of view or his frame of


5. Don’t overreact to delivery

- never mind the speaker’s mannerisms or


- ask yourself what’s in his message, what you

need to know, and;

- what he can add to your knowledge and



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    • jigg2009 profile image

      jigg2009 7 years ago from Cracow

      Good tips. What I can tell is that people doesn't know how to listen. All they want to do is talk, talk, talk even is they don't know much.

      If you want to learn something it is crucial that you get some skills first. Nice article.