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How to Create Happy Customers

Updated on December 14, 2011

Creating customers that are happy with your services is the best way to get them to tell their friends about you, so you can bring in new customers.

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happy customer
happy customer
happy customer
happy customer
happy customer
happy customer
happy customer
happy customer

* Relationships - This is a people business, built on referrals. Building those relationships is what will differentiate you from everybody else in an online world.

* Service - Be polite, prompt, and above all else Friendly with All of your communications online.

* Define the Problem - If you provide free estimates, you can figure out what the problem is, since in most cases the end user won't have any idea what the real problem is. Being able to diagnose the problem is the critical factor in solving it.

* Solution - The most important factor is solving their problem. Combine a solved problem with friendly help and you've got a happy customer.

* Learning - The more experience you get at providing help, the better you will be able to provide help. If you help educate your customers on how to use their computer, they will remember you.

* Trust, Integrity, Honesty - Don't do anything without making sure the customer knows what is going on. Ask their permission before you do something that might have consequences, like deleting files. You can't simply be cavalier... the customer's data is all-important to them.

* Free Stuff - It doesn't cost you anything to give a helpful tip, or help out with something extra for free if you notice a problem you can easily fix. That type of thing will give you great feedback, and they will remember you the next time they have an issue.

* Feedback - Make sure that you get objective and honest feedback from your customers, and learn from it. Don't get offended if somebody complains, ask them how you can better help them next time, and try and make it right.

* Know What You Are Doing - Don't take on a job that you have no idea how to fix. The customer will notice, and you will sweat bullets hoping that they don't leave negative feedback. You should spend time helping out your friends and family so that you feel completely comfortable with the help you can provide. If you don't know how to fix something, you could even suggest another person that does (making sure to tell the customer what your alternate expertise is).

These suggestions will take you a long way towards building up happy clients.


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