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How to Create Internet Income from $20

Updated on November 19, 2009


Making internet income from $20 is not only possible but risk free.  The simple and easy method I will show you will take 30 minutes to set up and your done.  You have to do nothing more unless you want to make more money.

$20 to Internet Income

For $20 you can buy 20 domain names and park them(make money off of ads).  Simply go to and register 20 .info domains.  They are having a sale at less than $1 each, pick two word or less simple but popular words, example:,, etc. Picking simple words will make more type in traffic probable to your domains.  After registering your domain names, park them.  Parking the domains just allows godaddy or another provider to place ads relevant to your title on ypur domains and when a visitor clicks on those ads you generate income.  The more visitors the more money, that simple.  After parking your domains also list them for sale between $20-$100 each is possible.  Worst case scenario you generate some ad income and sell none of your sites, then take the ad income and buy more domains.  Watch and repeat and you have yourself a nice internet Income. [


For $20 you can have an internet income and grow that income into a full business.  With patience and a little time you will get very good at learning the details and making even more money.  This is an easy business that does not take much time nor money.


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