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Choosing the Best Items to Sell on eBay

Updated on March 13, 2011

Why You Need to Know What You're Selling

Selling on eBay is one of the easiest ways to sell items online. Their massive customer base means that no matter what you put up for sale, someone will eventually see it. That doesn't mean, however, that it will sell. After many years of selling on eBay, I have seen time and time again that there is just one class of items that is successful time and time again- items that you're interested in. Far too many new sellers try to sell things that they have no interest in. This means the seller will be bored. When the seller is bored, the buyers can feel it. It's obvious which listings are made by enthusiastic sellers and which ones are written by people who want to get some crap out of their house.

A lack of interest also means that mistakes will be made in the selling process. I have seen way too many sellers list items that they didn't really understand. When this happened, they don't know how to sell the items effectively. If you are selling items on eBay that you don't have any interest in, you will miss the best selling points for those items. You will invariably get much less for them than someone would understands the item better.

This leads to hours spent answering customer questions. It also leads to misleading statements that stem from misunderstanding. That in turn creates poor feedback and a bad reputation as a seller.

Think about the best prices you've ever gotten on eBay. Those rock-bottom prices are usually from sellers who made mistakes in the lisitng because they didn't know any better, or items that were put in the wrong category or mislabeled for the wrong reason. That doesn't have to be you.

To get the best prices you can for each of your items, be very familiar with those items. Choose ones that you would enjoy having for yourself. Whether it's clothing, accessories, decorative items or anything else, stick to things you are familiar with.

How to Decide on Specific Items

Look around your house- what items are you well versed in? Could you see yourself stocking any of these items? Those are the things you should look into acquiring. Any hobbies you have can be gold mines if you choose to sell those items. Many people find their particular niche by expanding their own hobbies into inventory. This can happen by ordering items for yourself in bulk and selling off the ones you don't need.

Hobby items can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, or they can be bought in thrift stores and other inexpensive second-hand. Whatever you buy- be able to accurately describe each item. That will lead to less time spent on questions, leaving you more time for buying, listing and shipping. Selling on eBay can be extremely lucrative if you have a good grasp of he items you're selling. By researching and following your interests you'll be able to find the items that will sell best for you.

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