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How to Earn Money Online Fast !

Updated on December 1, 2013

What is Internet?

Internet is the place where hundreds of millions of people surf to find help for their problems, people also use internet for playing online games, watching movies, providing some others with help, etc etc etc. there are various fake websites which make empty promises of providing you with high revenue, beware of such sites on internet.

First of all there is no way for quick success. Each and everything requires high amount of patience level, understanding and the most important QUALITY.

The following ways can be used to earn money:-


This is the most common place where each day millions and millions of people visit to

search videos. It is ranked number 2 on the internet according to the alexa ranking. It is also the most trusted site on the internet. Now in order to earn money from follow the following steps:


It is the initial step to first make an account on Since YouTube is a part of it requires a Gmail account which is also a part of Google.


Then move to and create a channel by clicking on your email id at the right top most part of the homepage of youtube. Now enter your details so that your channel is created.


Now as you have created your own channel you can create your adsense account as your earning will be issued by adsense only, for that visit


Now it is the time for you to upload videos and generate money.


It is the most rapidly growing part of the internet. It is most known for its popularity and its high earning capacity. is the place where a person can create a blog also called to be a website. In order to earn from follow the following steps:


First in order to use create an account in After creating an account now it the time to visit


Now as you have created a Gmail account visit In the blogger.comfirstly login to your email id using the email id and password which you have used while creating your gmail id. Click on create your own blog link.


After creating your own by giving it a dashing name click on earning tab and link your adsense account with once you have linked your adsense account with your blog you can now start posting high quality posts and start earning by the clicks make on the ads placed on the blog.

More Methods.......

  • Article writing:-

There are various webites which provide you money for writing articles for them. Once you publish articles for such websites you can earn money from them. Please make note that it is a passive process as this may require large or less amount of time to generate earnings for you.

Such websites include,, etc

in order to earn from hubpages you must create an account in after creating an account start publishing your high quality hub ie; your posts. once you have done it signup for hubpages ad program by which you can earn money by the help of ad placed on your hub.

Please take care that there are various websites which use your articles and provide you with no money . so before publishing your article for any such website make sure that you review them carefully.

  • Play online games:

This is the coolest way to earn money online I suppose because it does not require deep knowledge to play online games and earn money but it is a slow process.

  • Read emails:

There are various sites which provide you money just for reading email. Such websites include

  • Selling stuffs on

It sounds simple, but it takes some practice to sell successfully. Creating persuasive and legitimate product pages for the goods you're selling will help get buyers interested. It's also more important to set reasonable minimum bids to ensure that people will buy. And remember to deliver the kind of customer service that will garner positive feedback ratings and to communicate with buyers to let them know you're reliable. The more positive feedback you receive, the more people will be willing to do the business with you. And that, of course, means more money.

  • Publishing Own business:

It is the most cool method to add revenue to your monthly income for those who have their own business. In order to do it first use google adword keyword tool to find keywords which will help you to generate more amount of traffic to your website. In order to do that first create your own website. To do that you can visit and once you have created your own website purchase your own domain as this will be more beneficial to you in your near future. The biggest challenge for selling homemade goods is making back the cost of what you put into it. Not only do you want to be reimbursed for materials, but you also I know want to be paid proportional to the time you put into it. Keep track of your sales and purchases carefully in the first few months, and make adjustments as necessary to maximize your profit.

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Earning Methods

Bit Tough
Playing online Games
Selling Stuff on ebay
Writing article


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