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Earning Money on CloudCrowd

Updated on September 19, 2013

What is CloudCrowd?

CloudCrowd is an interface that allows you to complete a wide range of tasks for the company, Servio. Tasks range from writing articles on a variety of subjects to simpler data categorization jobs. The company has been going for several years and appears to be going from strength to strength.

Is CloudCrowd legitimate?

CloudCrowd is a legitimate company that pays out any earned money via Paypal 5 days a week. Even if you have earned $0.01 one day, you will still be paid the next. If you work hard and complete tasks correctly, you will not have any problems working for this company.

How do I start working for CloudCrowd?

To start working for CloudCrowd, you will need to have a working Facebook account and sign up via You will need to enter some personal details, such as your name, address and Paypal address (for payment). To start working, you will need to take credential tests. These tests will allow you access to different types of task.

Credential tests

To access credential tests, click on Available Work in the Facebook interface, then Credentials. The basic test that all workers need to complete is the English Comprehension Test. Taking this test will give you a level from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest). To access categorization tasks, you usually need an English Comprehension level of 2 or 3, and 4 if you want to review the work of others. You will need to have a specific English Comprehension level to undertake other credential tests. For example, you need to have level 5 to attempt the editing credential test.

If you wish to write general content, you will just need a Writing Level 1 credential. Editors of general contend will need the Editor Level 1 credential, and marketing writes will need Marketing level 1. Workers who wish to edit marketing content will also need Marketing Level 1. Available tasks have symbols next to them to tell you mandatory credentials needed to access them.

Taking credential tests

Never rush through a credential test. Take the time to read the CloudCrowd style guide and the task instructions very carefully before attempting it, and check your work thoroughly before submitting. CloudCrowd requires writers and editors (especially) to have an excellent grasp of American English, so there is not much room for error. Once you have submitted your test, it will be graded by a fellow worker and you will hear the result via email. Rejected credential results usually come back quickly, but accepted results take longer because they have to then be checked by an administrator before the credential is granted.

What if I fail a credential test?

If you fail a credential test, don't worry. Many seasoned writers and editors have failed CloudCrowd credential tests. You can retest in 7 days, with a maximum of four attempts per credential. If you disagree with a result or want advice on how to improve, post a polite request for people to review it on the CloudCrowd worker support forum. There are many helpful people there who will advise you, and if they think a test has been unfairly rejected, they will ask the admin team to grant you the credential. Forum members do not like rude posters making threats or being disrespectful/arrogant, so be humble and ask politely when you post.


Once you have some credentials under your belt and you start handing in high-quality work, you will increase your credibility. Credibility is a number that goes up to 100, giving an indication of the likelihood of you completing work well. Some tasks, such as reviewing edited work or reviewing credentials, require you to have higher credibility levels before undertaking the tasks. New workers will have credibility capped at 40 for the first two weeks and 50 for the following two. After 30 days, workers will have the potential to build their credibility up to 100.

Rejected tasks will cause your credibility to drop, and if it drops below 20, you will be suspended. Failing a check task will automatically drop your credibility to 25, put you on probation and block you from accessing that particular task queue for 24 hours. If this happens twice in the same task queue, you will be permanently blocked from it. Probation will be lifted once you build your credibility to 40. If you feel you have failed an unfair or ambiguous check task, appeal it in the forums.

Advice for completing tasks

Make sure you follow all instructions to the letter. Up until recently, CloudCrowd has received complaints about task instructions being too complicated and task examples contradicting them. They appear to be working hard to sort this out and end worker confusion. Proofread your work before submitting it to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors.

If you have a task fixed up or rejected, read reviewer comments to see where you went wrong so that you can improve next time. I have learned a lot there thanks to helpful editors and reviewers.

If you feel you have been unfairly rejected on a task, you can appeal it. Be sure to include as much detail as possible as to why you believe it should be overturned so that the administrator dealing with it gets a clear picture.

If you ever need any further advice, ask in the forums. Administrators and fellow workers are generally happy to answer any questions or sort out any issues.

Final note

If you consistently turn in quality work, have a good level of English and can write or edit well, you have the potential to earn a nice sum at CloudCrowd. Work levels can sometimes fluctuate, but they seem to have plenty of work most of the time. There is a steep learning curve, but people who get over that do well.


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    • susanc01 profile image

      Melissa Spicer 4 years ago from Kentucky

      Cloud Crowd is an awesome site. I work there daily. I heart CC - great hub, lots of good info here.

    • mothsong profile image

      mothsong 5 years ago

      Thank you, GetitScene. Glad you found it useful!

    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 5 years ago from The High Seas

      Just learned about this so this hub was very useful. Voted up.

    • profile image

      Cara CloudCrowd 5 years ago

      Thanx for the advice..

      I have you always success on cloudcrowd..

      We must do the better..

    • mothsong profile image

      mothsong 5 years ago

      Check it out--in my experience, it is a good company to work for. You don't have to commit for a certain amount of hours, just work when it is available/you want to.

    • profile image

      NetflixReviews 5 years ago from Somewhere in North America

      Interesting. I had no idea what this was.

    • mothsong profile image

      mothsong 5 years ago

      Thanks, lilmama. Best of luck with getting started on CC! If you have any questions, ask me on here or check out the CC forum.

    • profile image

      lilmama4273 5 years ago

      I like this Hub. I will have to check out this app. Thanks for the great information on how to handle CloudCrowd.