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How to Explode Your Blog Traffic

Updated on May 14, 2012

Many individuals who operate in their own business have a blog dedicated to their endeavors. A blog originally started as a method of sharing thoughts with other members of the online community. However, those that market their business have found new and innovative ways to make good use of a blog.

Business owners often view the blog as a type of newsletter. They will share information regarding their goods and services with other users online. The business owners will often engage in some type of advertising on their blog.

Seeing that internet marketers implement the use of a blog to advertise their goods and services, it is essential to ensure that the blog receives a fair amount of traffic. Here, you will learn how to explode blog traffic.

Many internet entrepreneurs have succeeded in exploding blog traffic by using a web hosting company that is called Authority Site Center. This particular company strives to ensure that each and every member receives direct traffic without the wait.

Authority Site Center is superior in the area of marketing the blogs of many business owners around the world. In addition to this, this particular company will assist you in developing a high ranking as far as search engines are concerned. This will prove to provide you with the success that your blog needs.

The next way that you can explode traffic to your blog is by implementing the use of various internet forums. The internet has numerous forums in virtually every topic imaginable. You should find a forum that specializes in the main concept of your business, and post there.

There are many ways that an individual can profit from the use of forums. The first is to include a signature in the postings that contains a link to your blog. The next way that you can profit from the use of forums is due to the fact that you can gain the trust of others that participate in the same forum.

If you wish to increase the traffic of your blog through the use of an internet forum, you can appear to be an expert in your field by posting factual information. If people trust your insight, they are more likely to visit your blog.

The third way that you can increase the traffic that you receive to your blog is by avoiding the implementation of a comment section initially. The main reason that you should avoid this is because many times if a visitor reads over your blog and finds that no one has commented anything, they may feel as if the information you contain holds absolutely no relevance.

You must learn to effectively track the traffic that your blog experiences. When you find that you are receiving over 100 unique visits on a daily basis, you may add a comment box. With that number of visits, you are quite likely to receive comments daily. This will help to boost the popularity of your blog.

The fourth method of increasing traffic to your blog is through the use of linking. It is important to understand that it is possible to link too much, so be cautious of this. Too many links can prove to be distracting and annoying to your unique visits.

When linking in your blog, you should consider linking to squeeze pages on your website, and other popular websites. This will help to increase your search ranking on various search engines. Furthermore, you should only link websites of relevance. If you fail to link by relevance, search engines will view this as a way to fool the ranking bots. As a result, you will find that your blog ranks low.

The fifth method of exploding traffic to your blog is by integrating the use of attractive advertisements. Many individuals simply create a blog using only mounds and mounds of text. However, by choosing to include graphics, your blog will be visually appealing. You are sure to receive more visitors, and maintain the interest of those visitors.

The sixth method of increasing traffic to your blog is to make sure that you stay true to your niche. If you are attempting to market a certain program, product, or goods, you should ensure your blog content reflects relevant information.

The seventh way that you can increase blog traffic is to include information on your blog that directly relates to the biggest concerns surrounding your blog. For example, if you own a blog on affiliate marketing, you may include information about marketing strategies, how to recruit new affiliates, how affiliate programs work, and more.

The eight traffic grabbing method for your blog includes the use of RSS Feeds. If a visitor chooses to see updated versions of the content on your website in a short, simple manner, they can receive the notice quickly and efficiently. This is sure to bring people back time and time again.

The ninth way that you can increase traffic to your blog is to implement the use of social networking websites. Some examples include MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo, and similar websites. You can create your space on these social networking websites and advertise your blog with no repercussions. In turn, you will receive traffic to your blog.

The next method to increase traffic to your blog is related to the design of your web page. It is important to understand that many people still depend on dial up to access the internet. Loading down your blog with fancy backgrounds, heavy graphics, and more, may cause excessive load times. The user that has to wait for a long time to view your page may sway away from it.

Social bookmarking websites are an excellent way to explode the traffic to your blog! Basically, you will simply add a bookmark to various items on your blog to these websites. DIGG, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Yahoo! My Web, Netscape, and many others are excellent choices when it comes to social bookmarking your blog to increase traffic.

The next method that can be used to increase the traffic to your blog is to implement the use of great websites like Squidoo, eHow, MyLot, and Associated Content to market your blog. Basically, you would write one article related to something relevant in your blog and then link back to it.

Let's take Squidoo for example. We will assume that the blog is related to affiliate marketing programs. You would go to Squidoo, create a lens on something related to affiliate marketing programs. Let's create a lens on affiliate marketing ideas. Once you create the lens, you can then add a link back to your blog.

The thirteenth way that you can increase your blog traffic is by creating an email signature in which a link to the blog is included. You may select to edit it to a specific area of the blog, or the blog as a whole. It is important to change this signature at least a couple of times per week. This way, each person that receives an email from you has a link to your blog!

If you wish to drive more traffic to your blog, it is important to organize the posts that you have and then integrate a search function within the main page. This will allow your visitors to search for specific entries that interest them.

When adding content to your website blog, it is important to ensure that it displays a high level of quality. If you are unable to ensure this for one reason or another, consider hiring an article writer that can help you. These individuals are often trained in search engine optimization, keyword density, Adwords, and Adsense. They can provide you with optimized and enriching content.

If you wish to increase traffic to your blog, you should provide a free product or service to visitors. This may be as simple as a newsletter on the topic of your choice, or as detailed as an e-book. This is a great traffic building strategy used by many online entrepreneurs.

When attempting to drive traffic to the blog that you own, it is imperative that you are consistent in updates. Many individuals may enjoy your content and visit many times to discover if any new information has been added. However, if it is still the same old content, you are sure to lose visitors.

The next method that you can use to drive traffic is to join the Google Adsense program. This will allow you to create advertisements that you can place in search engine results and/or advertisements that you can place in the blog. It is often best to place these in search engine results when you wish to increase traffic.

Making good use of classified advertisements on the internet is another wonderful method of driving traffic to your website blog. It is important to ensure that you advertise in a legal and precise manner. Doing so will earn you respect and increase your page views.

Including tags in your content on the blog that you own is an outstanding way to increase traffic. When someone searches for the tags that you have used, there is a great chance that they will stumble upon your blog.

For more such articles and other high quality tips, information and Top 100 Affiliate Marketing Programs, visit my blog, The Associate Reference.


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    • raj2006 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from New Delhi

      Hi Atozet / Tvtinh,

      Thanks for your comments. For more such articles, please visit my blog;

    • tvtinh profile image


      10 years ago from Hanoi

      Great post, keping doing good job. Tinh

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Good artcle. By the way you caan get money from your web/blog. More details

    • raj2006 profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from New Delhi

      Hi ksc7,

      I really value these feedbacks, positive or critical, as they help me to focus my energy to giving the most useful information to my visitors.


    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Beeing new to 'blogging' I found this article very helpful. It put things in perspective for me. thank you

    • raj2006 profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from New Delhi

      Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for considering my hub useful. I would really appreciate it if you would rate my hub.


    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 

      11 years ago from Chennai

      Thorough and useful hub, Raj. I'm going to bookmark this and use this as a checklist for my blogs. Thanks!


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