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How to Find A Better Job

Updated on May 3, 2014
Find Better Job
Find Better Job

There are moments in everyone’s life, where job change becomes mandatory. These are tough moments for anyone, irrespective of his location in the globe. There are several reasons for which an individual prefer for a job change.

In this hub, I would describe guidelines and priorities, which you should consider for finding a better or suitable job. You need to emphasize more on your personality development, and the skills you have learnt in your present company. If you can properly focus on these guidelines; you would always have an upper hand and confidence to face any manager in the world.

Reasons for Job Change

Initially, I would highlight aspects, which changes an individual mind. The primary reasons are

  • Growth- An individual might get better position or growth in the new company. The salary would always be greater than the previous company.
  • Torture- The individual might face torture or disrespect in his previous company. There might be clashes between him and the top management.
  • Location- An individual would always prefer working in his or her hometown. There is no better place than your house. You can always meet your friends and relatives during the weekend.

Dream Job
Dream Job

Tips for Finding Better Job

I will mention the guidelines, as per their priority.

  • Develop a Personal Inventory- Initially, you need to note down your skills and experiences, which have made you valuable in your present company. The same set of skills and experience would benefit the other company too. Additionally, you need to prove the employer that you are very much interested in learning new skills and would be fully dedicated to the company. This inventory would provide you with much needed confidence, and build a solid block of success.
  • Always Directly Contact the Employer- Initially, you need to figure put the companies, which interests you the most. The address and the ways of contacting them can be found out from their website, newspaper or ads. Consultancy would charge you sums of money or may end up betraying too.

Follow Important Points
Follow Important Points

Other Important Points

Points you cannot Miss
Visit Maximum Employers
Gear Up for Phone Interviews
Update your resume Online
Market Yourself in Online Industry
Stay Strong, Calm and Patient
  • Consult with your friends and relatives- You need to ask each of your friends and relative for any vacancy in their knowledge or companies, which offers good working experience. Alternatively, if it is your first job; you would have to rely on this whole network. This network would also help you to extract the hidden opportunities. These opportunities are used only by some people, and you would have less competition in these markets.
  • Consult with Professors and Team Lead- There is no one on the planet except your teachers or your present team leader, who have knowledge about your skills and experience than these persons.
  • Focus on Smaller Companies- Majority of new jobs would arise from these smaller companies. The majority of the large employers has open networking and there would be a lot of competition. Alternatively, you can emphasize on these companies for better growth.

Lastly, you need to give yourself several chances before getting to your dream companies. You need to stay updated, believe in your skills and experience to find the dream job. I am wishing you luck from my side.


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