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How to Find Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

Updated on October 30, 2016
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Angela Kane is the Senior Customer Support Representative of HEA. HEA provides free access to legitimate work from home jobs and resources.

Job Outlook

Data entry jobs are the most popular work from home jobs available. Their popularity also makes these jobs the most difficult to get. The job outlook for data entry jobs is still very good despite the advent of advanced technology and software. On average more than fifty data entry jobs are advertised daily in most midsize and large cities all over the US with about 10% of those jobs eligible for telecommuting.

Data entry jobs that can be done from home are rare and hard to locate because of the huge amount scams and misrepresentations that are common for these type of jobs.

The Pros

  • Easy to get started and does require any special equipment
  • Can use any free basic text editing software for the job
  • Skills learned on the job can be transferred to other jobs

The Cons

  • Low hourly pay for entry-level workers
  • Competition for the jobs are very high
  • Inundated with thousands of scams and rip-offs

Data entry is a great way to make money from home.
Data entry is a great way to make money from home.

Red Flags and Scams

Data entry jobs are the number one jobs that are used in scams and misrepresentations. Most scams claim the only thing the applicant has to do is get information and enter it into an online site or text document. However, this is rarely the case because the jobs are mostly sales related where you must get someone to order or respond to an advertisement you placed before you are paid. Here are some of the main red flags used by scammers:

  • Free email addresses like Gmail or Hotmail. Legitimate jobs have company email address that incorporates the company's website address as well as their names and job titles so you know exactly who to contact.
  • No phone number or a 1-800 free number with an extension. Companies usually have two numbers - one local and one for people to call them for free - and both of those numbers should be present and accessible.
  • No physical address. A company may use a P.O. Box as a mailing address, but it will also have a physical address. All legitimate businesses have a street address that can inspect on Google maps.
  • No website address. Almost every business in the world has a website address today. A website is important because it provides information that a person can see without having to contact the company. A proper site will have all the necessary details required to check out the business.

Try to stick with firms that have long and good reputations and avoid new ones or start-ups. Most companies also have "career" links on their sites that post all the jobs available. Not all jobs with the red flags above are scams, but it's safer to stick with established employers to avoid getting ripped-off or mislead.

Data entry jobs are simple and can be done from anywhere.
Data entry jobs are simple and can be done from anywhere.

Best Job Boards to Search

The first thing a job seeker should do before trying to find work from home data entry jobs is to learn about the different types of jobs available. The most common remote data entry related jobs found on job sites are:

Typist. Typing is the most basic of data entry related jobs. It mainly requires typing information into software and electronically filing various information. The job is really straightforward and does include any extra tasks aside from the skills needed to perform the job. Less than one year of experience is required to get started and the pay is between $8 and $12.

Transcription. Transcribers are found in multiple professions such as medical, video and legal. General transcribers are the most similar to data entry. Transcriptionist transform audio, dictations, reports or transcripts into text format. Over 2 years of experience is preferred, but many employers do hire people right out of school. Special training such as course or classes is recommended to increase the chances of getting hired. The starting pay is about $9 an hour for entry-level applicants, but significantly higher for those with more experience with some making more than $20 an hour.

Data Processing. Data processors obtain, change or classify info and are considered information processors that collect and manipulate data to produce meaningful information. Prior experience and education are necessary. Workers can make more than $52,000 a year.

Major job boards such as CareerBuilder, Indeed and SimplyHired are the most known and easiest to search for jobs. However, to find a legitimate data entry position that you can do from home, job sites specifically for work-at-home that cater specifically to telecommuters or work-at-home professionals are a lot better and faster. These sites pre-screen and verify the jobs before posting so you can find exactly what you are looking for quicker. There are also sites like that help remote job seekers find work using job placement and recruitment services.

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Tips and Advice

The most important thing to remember is to read the job descriptions carefully and make sure you have every single skill the employer requires for the job. The most common mistake job seekers make is believing that similar jobs are the same. If one data entry position wants someone that can type 95 words per minute, it doesn't mean the other jobs will require the same skill. Make sure each skill and requirement can be found on your cover letter and resume.

The cover letter must let the employer know that you have read the full job description and that you have everything they are seeking. On your resume, include all jobs you have done no matter how small that can be considered experience for the position. And most important, make sure you have everything in order before applying for the job. The number one reason that resumes are thrown out or discarded is because job seekers do not have the proper experience and education need for the job. It's frustrating for the employer because they are forced to view hundreds of ineligible resumes, but it is also discouraging for the job seeker that doesn't get a call back when they have sent out hundreds of resumes.

Data entry jobs have a good outlook and are still in high demand.
Data entry jobs have a good outlook and are still in high demand.

© 2016 Angela Kane


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    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 12 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      An interesting hub and I'm sure that the good advice you offer will be helpful to many who are looking at being able to work from home.