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How to Land a Dream Job Even If You Presently Have an Undesirable Job-Tips for Recent College Graduates & Professionals

Updated on February 26, 2013

Using a Less Than Perfect Job to Land a Dream Job

Economists and sociologists maintain that there is a great economic depression now. The present economic depression is equated to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Corporations are downsizing and/or closing on a massive scale. The pink slip now is de rigeur and not the exception in many companies and/or corporations.

Job security is totally obsolete! Even skill security is suspect. There is a totally new world out there to paraphase Aldous Huxley. Welcome to new paradigms and the world of future shock. One constantly must adopt to the new paradigms of the workplace basically to survive and then thrive. In order to stay current and ahead in the work environment, a current and/or prospective employee must constantly update his/her skills and education.

Harsh economic times mandate corporations and companies finding cost cutting ways of eliminating many high-salaried and/or professional positions with only the most necessary and rudimentary jobs remaining. This elimination of many high-salaried and/or professional jobs result in many experienced professional people being laid off and/or terminated. This massive job elimination also impacts upon the recent college graduate as there would be a greater ratio of them to professional jobs which would meet their qualifications.

As a result of massive corporate downsizing and the elimination of high-salaried and/or professional jobs, many recent college graduates, laid off and/or terminated professional employees are taking jobs which they are overqualified for. Many economists and sociologists call this jobs survival jobs i.e. jobs to hold one over until a better job can be found. The majority of job openings are in the clerical and/or service fields which pays little above minimum wage.

However, many employment counsellors state that "any job is better than no job" and if a person waits too long to obtain employment, this is viewed negatively by the prospective employer. Despite this, there will be some recent college graduates, laid off and/or terminated professional employees who will remain unemployed until they get the job that they want. They steadfastly maintain that with their degree and/or work experience and knowledge, why should they take a job which is beneath them They assert that they wait and live off their parents and/or unemployment until they get a job commensurate with their education and/or work experince.

There are other recent college graduates, laid off and/or terminated professional employees possessing initiative who will take the lesser position. They will view this stall and/or setback in their career ladder as an opporunity to gain new skills and to make contacts to obtain their dream job. These recent college graduates, laid off and/or terminated employees will not view their new job as a dead end job and that they are stuck.

Furthermore, they will ascertain as to what skills and knowledge from the lesser job can be transferred and parlayed to their dream job. While on the job, they will network and see what professional jobs are posted that they are qualified for. If there are no professional jobs posted at their workplace which they are qualified for, they will send resumes to other companies. While they are working at the survival job, they will perform the job to the best of their ability which guarantees good references which does facilitate looking for their dream job, if not, a better job.

Remember, employers are more likely to hire people for better jobs who are already working. Many employers maintain that they would not hire people who are unemployed for a long period of time. Many employers assert that if a person is unemployed for a long time, it means that he/she is unwilling to work. These same employers state that they would look favorably on a recent college graduate, laid off and/or terminated employee working even if it is in a survival job because this shows that they are willing to work.

© 2010 Grace Marguerite Williams


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