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How to Find and Work a Second Job While Maintaining Your Life

Updated on June 19, 2013

A Second Job Means More Money in Your Pocket

There are both positive and negative effects on your life when working two jobs.
There are both positive and negative effects on your life when working two jobs. | Source

How a Second Job Can Affect Your Life

Getting a second job can really take a toll on your social life and cause you some stress as well. However, a second job can make your life a lot easier in some aspects. Of course you will be making some extra money. Money that can be used to pay off debt, take care of a vehicle payment, be saved for vacations and fun, or just be put in your savings account for a rainy day.

This extra money is going to take some extra effort on your part. Depending on how many hours you plan on working at your second job, there can be a lot of obstacles along the way. You will have to schedule around your first job and communicate with both bosses about your schedules and any changes that arise. Maintaining a second job can be especially tough if you are a parent or a college student. You will have less time but sometimes it takes two jobs to make ends meet and get ahead. The key is to balance your work life and home life to make sure you aren't getting burned out or overly stressed.

The Extra Money Your Could Make From Working a Second Job

Monthly Money Earned
10 hours
about $300
20 hours
about $600
10 hours
about $380
20 hours
about $780
10 hours
about $460
20 hours
about $940

A Second Job Means More Time On the Clock and Less Time at Home

Time spent workint a second job pays off.
Time spent workint a second job pays off. | Source

Working Around Your Schedule to Include a Second Job: Your Availability

You should have your availability figured out before you interview for your second job. It is important to let them know up front that you have a job already and are wanting to work around that schedule. Most employers won't mind that you already have a job when you are seeking part-time work. Most companies do not offer benefits for part-time employees and would rather hire for that instead of full-time with benefits.

If you have a set schedule at your first job it makes it a lot easier to schedule around it for a second job. If your schedule varies from week to week consider talking to your boss about creating a concrete schedule. If that option is not available you will have to let your new employer know that your availability will vary and ask them if you can turn in your availability every week or two to ensure you don't have any overlapping schedules.

When determining your availability it is easy to create your schedules on a calendar or day planner. Write your first job's schedule down and see how you can work around it. The important thing to remember is that you have to give yourself enough time to commute and change if necessary if you are going to work both jobs in the same day. Allow yourself time to eat and relax a bit before jumping back into work. Also, remember that you need a day off occasionally to catch up on personal things like laundry and house cleaning.

Part-Time Second Job Ideas

Here are some great ideas for places to work a part-time job:

  • Companies you already shop at. You may recieve an employee discount and save money as well as make it.
  • Jobs where you make tips. Tips provide money right away and can help with fuel and food or just go right into your savings. Waitressing, coffee shops, and bartending jobs are good jobs for making tips.
  • Large companies like grocery stores are a great place to work at. They often offer flexible scheduling and have many employees.
  • Gas stations and other convenient stores often offer part-time positions as well as flexible hours.

Getting Your Second Job

After you have figured out which times you are available or if you are going to need your employer to work around your schedule it is time to find a job that will allow you to do so. There are many part-time jobs out there as well as full-time jobs if you need an extra forty hours. If you work a regular 9-5 job consider getting an early morning or evening shifts. Large companies are great places to find second jobs. They employ a lot of people so it is easier to have you fill in whenever you are available and they will not be counting on just you to cover a position.

Consider where you want to work carefully. Here are some things to think about when choosing your second job:

  • Do they have flexible scheduling?
  • Are there many options for different shift hours?
  • Is the pay worth the extra hours you will be putting in?
  • Are they willing to work around your other job's schedule?
  • Will they allow you to switch shifts with coworkers if needed?
  • Are they understanding of your other job and that it is your first priority?

How Many People Work Two Jobs?

Do you work a second job?

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Managing Two Jobs While Making Time For Yourself

If you are working two full-time jobs at 80 hours a week, chances are you are not giving yourself enough time to get important things done at home or just relax. You need to make sure that when you commit to your second job that you really do have enough time for it. Working for two weeks and then deciding that it is too much is not going to do you much good. Start out slow and work 10-15 hours at your second job then add more if you feel you can handle it.

If you aren't getting any relaxation or social time apart from jobs your performance is not going to be up to par and you won't be a very useful worker. If you plan on sustaining two jobs for a long period of time it is important that you create a balance in your life or you will end up giving up on it and will not reach your goals.


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    • myownlife profile image

      myownlife 5 years ago from london

      Great ideas, but depends on person the question is whether we do like to have second job,


    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      This is a nice snapshot of how much a part-time job can truly help with finances. You can also find some very interesting things to do, in some cases. Great hub!