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How to Format A Resume for the Financial Industry

Updated on April 14, 2012

CFO Pathway

The information contained in the following resume centers on three core talents and career foci:

  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Sales and Service Representative/Teller

A total of 15 years of professional experience in this resume shows an increasing level and complexity of responsibilities throughout the career span. He or she has been recognized officially by superiors in the most recently position held for a major banking and finance firm.

The candidate is bilingual with additional skills in two other languages.

The job candidate possesses an MBA in Finance.

Taken together, the information included in this resume indicates that the individual could well be on a personal career path toward CFO in a major corporation.

The job candidate could apply to positions that would be junior to the CFO of a company,but higher than Executive Administrative Assistant. Some Junior Vice Presidencies might be appropriate, or a Senior Executive Administrative Assistant post. These would make the workers more visible and in a better position to receive recognition of a job well done and along with it, a promotion into the executive level.

Forecast for Financial Managers

The job seeker connected to tis resume might apply for job as a Financial Manager, which is s step up towards the goal of CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

From 2006 - 2016, these jobs are expected to grow a total of 13% in America, according to the Federal Department of Labor. This amounts to 64,000 jobs, but competition for these positions creates a market for those candidates that possesses the advanced finance degree that this job seeker above has earned.

The range of pay in these positions can generally reach from around $50,000 per year to over $145,000 annually.

As an example, we will look at job listing for "Financial Manager" on the major job search engine for May 25, 2009. The graph below shows that the trend for jobs to be listed in Financial Management is one of much fluctuation. but shows an increase in 20% since the fall of 2008. Current jobs open are primarily in

  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • New York City
  • Maryland

Increase In Finance Jobs Since August 2009


Transfer of Skills and Information

Note the language and phrasing of job skills and accomplishments in this resume and transfer some of these approaches to your own resume creation.

A Different Format

An alternative visual format is offered below. Both formats are Chronological in style, which fits a job history of up to 15-20 years nicely. A Combination Resume may also be considered for this amount of experience, but works well for workers with 20 and more ears of experience.

Using the Same Resume Online.

A cut-and-paste version of the same resume, which is to be used for entering the applicant's information into an employer's online application form, looks very much like the following document when pulled up on the employer's screen.

This style is accomplished by removing all the formatting from a resume. To do this in word, click Edit, click Select All, then click the Styles and Formatting button and select Clear Formatting. Then check the document for spacings between sections.

Online Application Version

Cantor Smith 123 Four Street

Dayton OH 12345

PH (123) 456-7890;


Executive Administrative Assistant, Business Systems Analyst, Financial Representative .


Expert Executive Administrative Assistant seeks new responsibilities in Administration for a top company in the Financial Industry. Seeks to add business results in rising sales and profits through unique financial expertise and uncommon customer service programming.



Fifteen years of recognized success in Financial Products and Services.

Two years increased business results in Business Systems Analysis & Operations: increased profits by 17% at the end of two years.

Four years of profitable business results in Executive Administration.

Sets the pace for effective Leadership, Training & Motivation, and Customer Relationships.




Bank of the Americas. Dayton OH. 2002 - Present

Executive Administrative Assistant 2004 - 2009


Serve three Vice Presidents, seven Directors, and 70 employees with administrative assistance, often operating and managing entire projects. Maximize business results through shrewd calendar management and coordination, handle all travel arrangements, maintain databases, oversee ordering and inventories, review expense reports and time keeping, and process payrolls.

Build continuing relationships with staff, management, customers, and vendors. Compile data and present accurate reports to in-house meetings and external conferences.

Research and process all executive inquiries, customer complaints, and questions from LEOs ensuring timely, professional responses. Lead special projects and fulfill specialized requests.


Recognized Accomplishments


Authored job descriptions and supervised job postings, coordinated new-hire candidate and terminated/transferred worker processes smoothly.

Authored and executed special projects and presentations; performed research; and supported ongoing management of corporate credit card programs for maximum results.

Recognized by superiors for directing Event Planning, Travel Management, VP Travel, and effective In-House Communications.


Business System Analyst 2002 – 2004


Led a seasoned team of professionals to create positive business results in daily operations.

Reviewed daily reports to identify and implement process improvements to drive efficiency and profits. Implemented forecasting process improvements.

Accurately analyzed daily feed and added/modified status of all records.

Effectively analyzed customer feedback forms for service gaps and supplemental needs; devised and applied effective remedies to maintain outstanding regional Customer Excellence Rating.

Successfully delivered training and syndicated new processes; developed performance management templates to monitor compliance and proper use of tools.

Developed continuously improving methods of business reporting; analyzed data and applied it to improve processes.

Contributed to Internal and External Audits and provided Continuous Improvement.


Bank of Lincoln. Fairborn OH. 1995 - 2002

Sales & Service Specialist and Bank Teller


Acted as Banking Center Ambassador to all customers and visitors.

Completed teller transactions efficiently and graciously, uncovering additional customer needs; provided customer education regarding financial products and services and delivery options.

Exceeded corporate goals for transaction quality and efficiency, customer relations, customer education, and teamwork results.

Strongly led from the lobby in providing basic service, sales, and teller transactions to customers. Performed well as either a scheduled personal banker or teller during differing volumes of customer traffic. Processed all transactions accurately and efficiently to build customer confidence. Provided basic sales and referred larger issues such as complex small business accounts and mortgages to a qualified senior banker.

Established, retained, and broadened customer relationships and developed potential customers to exceed team sales goals with the highest-quality individual service.

Resolved complex service issues mandated by high-quality customer service guidelines to ensure complete satisfaction.



College of the Americas. Jersey Station, Florida.

BS, Social Sciences; MBA.



MAC and PC. Microsoft Office Suite 2007 (all applications), Windows XP; Vista;

Adobe, SSPS, Lotus Notes, XMS, CTO, Peachtree, Internet research, email, PDAs.



Spanish - Fluent

Portuguese - Read

French – Read


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      Justin Mountford 7 years ago

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