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How to Get Avon Customers Using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Updated on September 28, 2015

Need Avon Customers?

Getting Avon customers does not have to be tougher than most make it. There are many different ways to market and advertise your Avon business.

You have the benefit of being a representative of one of the most recognizable brands. With that being said, you're not endorsing a flash in the pan company with an unstable history.

In this article you will learn some effective Avon marketing strategies that you will be able to plan out on three of the internet's giants: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Many representatives choose to sell Avon online using these mediums. But hopefully you will be able to grasp a different perspective from these marketing tips.

How to Get Avon Customers Using Twitter

You should know by now that Twitter allows you to have more than one account. If you are aware of this it is a good idea to have a profile dedicated to selling Avon online.

The reason why you shouldn't combine your Avon marketing efforts with your personal Twitter profile is for proper targeting.

If you have an existing personal Twitter profile you probably have followers that have learned to expect a certain behavior from that profile.

If you begin to suddenly tweet Avon related updates on your personal stream you may risk losing followers. Using a separate Twitter account to get Avon customers helps you establish your branding as that go-to Avon source.

Need Help With the Hashtag?

These things are everywhere! But don't be intimidated - hashtags are simply a way to organize content across the world wide web.

This reference should help you:

Using Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter Tips to Consider

  • Additional Email Addresses

In order to have multiple Twitter accounts you must be able to register it to a respective email address. This shouldn't be hard to do. Simply sign up for one at Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

  • Branding Icon

Search for a dedicated image to use on your Twitter profile. This could be a different photo of yourself, a photo of something gift related, or just an image to help your Avon business stand out on Twitter.

* I don't recommend using Avon's logo as your Twitter profile icon. You don't need the legal trouble.

  • Use Hashtags Wisely

For getting Avon customers (and recruits, for that matter) they must be able to find you on the Twitter network. As you are setting up your new profile dedicated to selling Avon it helps to include hashtags in the description. Avoid going overboard, but certainly tag what's trending in Avon. Make the extra effort to also research popular hashtags at

How to Get Avon Customers Using Facebook

Want to know how to get Avon customers? Find them on Facebook. There are thousands! But refrain from using your personal Facebook profile for this, as you'll risk getting banned.

Like Twitter you're allowed to have multiple identities. Unlike Twitter, you won't need additional email addresses. Selling Avon online using a Facebook fan page gives you several advantages, primarily with Insights.

As you amass fans and Likes the Insights feature will keep you informed on who's visiting your page. You will know the ages, the sexes, and even the cities of where your Avon fan base is. This feature alone should help your decision making in going with a fan page.

Facebook Tips to Consider

  • Reach For The Ladder

A great way to get Avon customers courtesy of Facebook is to join groups called Ladders.

These groups give you the opportunity to connect with fellow business and fan page owners.

More importantly they put you in position to obtain multiple Facebook Likes on a daily basis.

The concept of the Ladders is simple: you like my page, and I will like yours.

If at first you cannot afford to pay for Likes using Facebook Ads Manager, this method can get you on a good start.

Take the Avon Quiz!

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  • Your Header Image

When choosing the image to use for your fan page, again think branding. This is the huge banner image that appears at the top of both personal profiles and pages.

The overlooked point about the header image is that it appears in very important places on Facebook. Ever notice when you hover your cursor over the hyperlink to a members profile, the entire header image pops up?

Brand your image effectively and getting Avon customers to your page will be made that much easier.

  • Use Facebook Ads Manager

Using this does require a little more technical knowledge but the end result is worth it. It isn't the free way to grow your fan page but the fans you get will be highly targeted. You can use the Ads Manager to either promote your entire page or just a post. The trick is determining the best keyword search terms so that you're only paying pennies to advertise your Avon business.

How to Get Avon Customers Using Pinterest

Most will argue that Pinterest is the place to be to get Avon customers. The concept of being able to "pin" content and be visual goes a long way in selling Avon. Pinterest has long held the stigma of being a social network primarily for women. While this is gradually changing, this can still be a double-edged sword for you.

Since Avon is known for being "the company for women" it goes without saying that you can get Avon customers easier due to Pinterest's large female demographic. Conversely, as the men are catching onto Pinterest now is the time to start pinning your content there. Don't be fooled, though, as Avon's inventory has expanded tremendously since decades of past.

Take Blogging Seriously

Maintaining a blog will benefit you more than just using with Pinterest. Your blog (particularly when self-hosted) gives you the digital real estate you'll need to help brand yourself.

You will be able to monetize your traffic and maximize the results of your business when executing proper SEO. Connect with the author of this article for more details on this topic.

Pinterest Tips to Consider

  • Get Organized

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, when you do you should first get your boards organized. Boards allow you to "pin" and gather all of your interests together.

Hopefully you would have chosen to launch a Pinterest page dedicated to selling Avon online.

You can organize your boards for content related to: Men, Women, Children, Accessories, Cologne, etc. You get it, right?

  • Get to Blogging

Yes. It is wise to maintain a blog for your Avon business. Not only will you have an online home for your Avon content, but it will provide you with a great place to pin content from.

Pinterest is all about visuals. When you blog include eye-catching and interesting images in your blog posts.

The more the better because when you pin your content you will get to chose which image in your post you want to have representing that pin.

  • Don't Be Selfish

Don't only pin your content to get Avon customers. Pin the content of other Pinterest members - especially of those with similar interests. If you come across relative news, say skin care tips or perfume reviews, by all means pin it to one of your boards.

Over time the major search engines will recognize your Pinterest page as a reputable source, and you'll notice it beginning to inch up to the top of search queries

What made you decide to sell Avon products?

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In Closing

It only gets better from here. If you're brand new to selling Avon from home or a returning representative, know that these social media sites are only foundations.

There are many other ways to get Avon customers. For your social media efforts to work, keep in mind that you must focus on providing valuable content.

Fixate yourself on educating your potential Avon customer as opposed to selling them. Of course, this will require some homework on your part - product knowledge.

So what are your thoughts on Avon?

Feel free to share your comments below and participate in the poll to the right.

© 2014 Kevin J Timothy


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    • KevinTimothy profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin J Timothy 

      2 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL


      I wish you much success and prosperity leveraging social media for your business.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I love this. I've been upping my social media game since September last year. My reputation is growing in a positive way, but I need to increase my team AND customer numbers. Anyway my social media contacts are as follows:


      Feel free to follow me:



      Glenice Allison – Profile page

      Glenice’s Avon Page

      Girls of Colour Wear Avon Too

      Glenice Avon

      Twitter: @GleniceAvon

      Pinterest: Glenice Allison Avon

      Instagram: @gleniceavon

      My Avon Store:

      Any pointers would be great!!


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