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How to Cash In As An Entrepreneur: Starting a Business

Updated on April 8, 2014
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Entrepreneurship = Cash; So Be a Business Entrepreneur & Start Up A Business

If you have ever asked yourself how can I get money doing something I enjoy, or even just thought how nice it would be to earn money at a career you enjoy and you have a strong desire and determination to succeed at making money doing what you enjoy, then there is a very good chance that you have what it takes to enter the world of entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur, start a business, and make money doing what you enjoy. After all the definition of entrepreneur is someone who has thought of business ideas to get money doing something they enjoy, and if others can use a business idea to become an entrepreneur, you can enter the world of entrepreneurship with your business ideas.

Make sure to have a grand opening announcement when you start a business to let your customers know you're in business.
Make sure to have a grand opening announcement when you start a business to let your customers know you're in business. | Source

Anyone can be an entrepreneur and start a business, and depending on the business it may be possible to start a business doing what you enjoy to make money even if you have very little money to invest in starting a business. However, if you want to be a successful business entrepreneur to get money, you will need a bit more than just a strong desire and determination to succeed at making money doing what you enjoy.

What does it take to be a Successful Entrepreneur Starting a Business?

There are several things required for a successful business start up, however, I think the most important is having a real passion for making the product or providing service, as once it becomes a business venture, it also becomes more repetitive in your life.

The second most important key to a successful business start up is market research, not only because you want to determine if the business has a chance at thriving, but because it is needed to develop a well thought out business plan, a legal structure for the business, a branding and marketing plan for the business, and last but not least financial planning and management for the business you want to start up.

Though research is a key influence to the success of starting a business and making sure that business will make money and thrive, having some business management skills , marketing skills, organizational skills, time management skills, remembering not to let ego have a say in your business by preventing you from getting the help you need or getting better deals, and knowing how important a role your customers play in the success of your business will also be a key influence to the success of starting a business and will allow you be be more efficient when researching your business ideas.

What Market Research is needed to start a Business Doing What You Enjoy?

When starting a business doing what you enjoy the first thing you should research is your competitors to see who they are, what they are offering their customers, as well as your competitors pricing strategy so that you can compete against those competitors. Maybe this competitor analysis will allow you to offer your competitors customers something your competitors do not offer and that can give your new business an edge, but at the very least you will have enough information to know whether starting a business based on that particular niche (products or services) would be beneficial and allow you to make money.

Once you know if the market needs any more businesses in your particular niche and region, you should start researching and developing your business goals and a business plan to reach those goals. If you want to make money from starting a business of your own, you will need to have a written business plan that will help you achieve the goals you set for your business by looking not just at what is needed now or shortly down the line, but well into the future for that business, recognizing what is required to reach the now, near future, and distant future, and helping you stay focused on achieving your business goals. A good business plan will make the process of starting a business a bit easier, get money flowing into your business more efficiently, help you manage and direct your business to accomplish your business goals, will provide potential investors, lenders, and others with the information they need so that they can evaluate your business strategies and chances at success, as well as help you choose the best legal structure for your business.

You should next research the different types of business legal structures, such as Corporation, LLC, Sole Proprietor, etc, to see what type of legal structure would be best for your starting business. The legal structure you choose determines your taxation, liability, risk control, continuity of existence, transferability, expense and formality and should be considered carefully to best protect you and your personal finances.

Did How to Cash In As An Entrepreneur Provide Helpful Information To Start A Business?

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After all the market research, competitor analysis, business planning, and incorporating your business, your determination, dedication, business management skills, marketing skills, and hard work will now allow you to be the successful entrepreneur and bring those business ideas into reality.

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    HowCanIGetMoney 5 years ago

    Thanks Jonah appreciate the great comment. It's important to know what you're up against when it comes to starting a business so that you don't suddenly become overwhelmed with all the business fundamentals such as research and development, accounting, etc.

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    Jonah Ender 5 years ago from Greater New York

    Great Job!

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    Page1 SEO tactics 5 years ago

    Really great information on what you need to know about starting a business and being an entrepreneur. Thanks voted up!