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How to Get Paid to Review Music Online

Updated on March 7, 2012

I don't know about you, but being able to review music and make even a little bit of money, is like a dream come true. I spent many years as a backyard producer, working my butt off to make that perfect mix. A part of what I love about reviewing music, is the same thing I love about producing. Critiquing the melodies and harmonies. Listening to the levels between the vocals, instruments and synth. Really getting to the heart of the music.

I love breaking down the music, and really defining what makes music "good". You might not be so specific. Maybe you'd just like to find another way to make money online, or maybe you'd just enjoy the idea of being able to influence the type of music that becomes the future BFD's. Either way, there's no reason you wouldn't enjoy joining me on Slice The Pie.

I haven't yet found a limit to the amount of reviews you can do in a day, and I've been pushing the limits quiet a bit. They do have a fancy "energy bar" - which just like in video games - get's used up if you work to hard. Though it refills every three minutes, which is the average length of an entire song. So if you write those well detailed and thoughtful reviews, there's no reason you should run out of energy or opportunities to review more music.

Want to check it out? Come review with me at Slice The Pie

What's that? I get a slice of pie?

That's right! The founders of Slice The Pie have combined what we love about freelance writing, and mixed up with a sonicbids type of feel. Slice the Pie works with another company that provides services and tools to help them reach for the stars. One of those tools, is reviews from raw and honest listeners, the people most likely to be their radio or concert fans or boo'ers.

Then, they offer people like yourself (and me!) the chance to sign up to review those artist, groups and bands, and get paid for it. Which is perfectly okay with me. To make things even better, they pay per word, and while they don't pay a ton per word, it still means that the more you write, the more you'll get paid. But wait, there's more! And no, it's not an ultra sharp turkey carving knife, and it certainly doesn't dice anything. Though Slice the Pie does offer you the chance to make extra money through writing well thought out reviews that really get detailed about the music, and they offer referral bonuses when your friends sign up to review with you.

If you like, you can also make playlists of the none anonymous bands, and come back to listen to them later.


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