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How to Get Rehired at Walmart

Updated on November 6, 2010

Hiring at Walmart

Getting hired at Walmart can be easy or then again it can be hard. I have had it both ways and yes I had to pass that long tedious Walmart assessment test TWICE! The first time I got hired at Walmart it was an 8 week temporary position for a construction remodel. They hired an entirely new crew, so we were all newbies except for the managers. However, three of the managers were brought in from out of state that had experience in remodeling other Walmarts.

When I got hired the first time it was easy there was only one interview and it was with 3 other applicants. We all got asked questions at the same time and it became sort of a game that was fun instead of the usual one on one uncomfortable setting.

All four of us were sent out at the same time for the drug test, which was the same day as the interview. We all passed with the exception of one pot smoker I know this because it's all he talked about. My thoughts are they wanted remodel to start asap, so we were all working within two days one being the interview.

All was going good and I liked doing the remodel, however, the crew was a wild bunch as was one of the managers. If it were anyplace else I believe at least half of these people would have been fired the manager included.

Oh well, at least they were hard workers and we got the job done. So what if they were drunk and fighting like they were on Jerry Springer. I figured they didn't want to fire anyone since it was just 8 weeks and start over with a new crew.

All was good until I broke my hip at 4 a.m. in what they called action alley. Off to the hospital I went had to have surgery that very morning and didn't walk again for 5 months. My first 8 week gig at Walmart ended with a bang.

If you're still with me this is a true story, so hang in there we're moving on to the Walmart interviews for the second time and the rehire, which wasn't so easy.

Walmart Interviews and Questions

Everyone that works at Walmart must do an online Walmart application and take the assessment test as well. Questions and more questions that are mostly common sense things that people should be able to answer and pass.

This is what one would assume, however, there are many people who cannot seem to pass the Walmart assessment test. It's true they have taken it 2 or 3 times and failed each time. I'm not sure why, since I had to take it twice and passed.

The Walmart assessment test consists of questions about difficult situations between you and the customer, you and co-workers as well as you and managers. They want to know how you think and handle yourself in conflict.

They also want to gain insight into decision making skills, time management and discipline. Some questions are multiple choice with agree, disagree, strongly agree and strongly disagree answer selection. My advice is don't rush answers.

I never answered anything strongly I always chose agree or disagree. People who choose strongly might be seen as too aggressive or radical.

Arrive on time for interviews even though they make you wait and dress casually. If you look too fixed up you don't seem to fit in with the rest. I wore the Walmart uniform, navy blue top and brown pants, for all the interviews to really fit in.

Whether it's your first time applying at Walmart or trying for rehire these tips will help you pass the test and get hired. They worked for me so why not you.

Moving along next to the actual rehire, several interviews and orientation.

Rehired at Walmart

The second time I was hired at Walmart wasn't as easy as the first and seemed to drag on forever. I am guessing it's because it was a different location and not an 8 week remodel temporary position, but instead a sales associate part time position.

I had to do another online Walmart application of course along with the Walmart assessment test as mentioned above. I really didn't expect them to call me due to my hip break at the other store. However, they didn't seem to be aware of it and I didn't volunteer any information since stay accident free is their motto.

There were three interviews this time and all of them were one on one the kind I dread. The first Walmart interview was okay with one of the nicer managers. The second one, however, made me nervous as he would ask questions about the questions. He also told me that they couldn't reach my references and I found out later he lied. I thought I was done for after him, but not so.

There was a lot of calling back and forth that kept me on edge about references and the first Walmart job. I was afraid they would find out about my injury, but they never did.The third interview I did paperwork and took the drug test.

At each Walmart interview I was assertive, made eye contact and dressed in Walmart uniform. They even made comments about it like I see you're ready to go to work. That is what I wanted them to do, which was see me as one of them.

Orientation was long and boring just like the first one. It lasted from 8-4, but you get paid and have a chance to get acquainted with other new employees.

Getting rehired at Walmart was time consuming and a little tricky, but worth the effort. I advise choosing a different location if things didn't go well at the last one.

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