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How to Get a Job with Ease

Updated on April 25, 2021
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Farrah has over 10 work years experience and has worked in the capacity of an HR personnel.

How to Get a job with Ease

Get a Job with Ease


A lot of people try to get a job, but meet with a roadblock and that's because getting a job requires a whole lot of processes and serious planning to be successful. There are millions of qualified graduates out there vying for that same position, so to get the job, you don’t necessarily have to be better, just smarter.

Employers get to see hundreds of CVs for a job vacancy. Each CV is given a few seconds when it is picked up and if, during this time, your CV cannot capture the employer’s interest then you just might have lost your chance.

What you must bear in mind in trying to get a job is that your CV is the First Impression the employer will have of you, so it must be good. Sell yourself as much as possible to the point where the potential employer wants to meet with you.

However, you must be careful here so you don’t end up boring him/her as well.

There are several aspects a CV should have and once you can get these correctly, then the interviewer wouldn’t even need to go through the entire CV, but would have gotten enough to interest him.

In this hub I am going to explain these important aspects of a CV. I have also included sample CVs to simplify things.

How to Get a Job Fast

The RIGHT CV takes you one step closer to getting a job in your dream company.

Important Aspects of a CV

1. Address/ Contact Details
2. Name.
3. Personal Details
4. Objectives.
5. Skills.
6. Profile
7. Achievements.
8. Qualifications.
9. Experience.
11. Interest
12. Referee.

This usually contains contact details like your home address, email and phone number.

This aspect is where you specify your name, gender, date of birth and state.

This is one of the core aspects of the CV. It is usually one of the first places a potential employer looks at. Here you must sell yourself as much as possible.

List out important skills you have and write them down. Be sure to also include skills required by the company for the job you are applying for.

For instance, if you are applying for a job as an air hostess with an airline and one of their requirements is someone who is personable, this should be one of the skills you list as well.

2. Try using some of the keywords used in the job vacancy advert. For instance, if the word “personable” is used, then you should use that word randomly as well. But be sure you don't use it more than once and if you must, look for synonyms of the word and use them interchangeable.

Your objective is usually simple and explains what you hope to add to the growth of the company

A profile is a brief description of who you are.

This is another important aspect of the CV. It tells the employer what you added towards the growth of your previous companies and why you are the best person for the job. No mater how simple you think an achievement is, you might want to state it here because that could be what the potential employer is looking for.

If you are fresh out of the university, then you could use your NYSC experience and any other small jobs done while in school or before. The essence is just to show the potential employer that you add value to wherever you are.

This should contain every experience you have. As earlier said, it’s the smart person who gets the job. If you have zero experience then create one. Nobody wants to employ a complete novice most of the time.

However, once you get the job, ensure you learn every experience and skill you claimed to have to avoid any problems with the present company.

While this might seem dishonest, it really isn't as you would be updating your skills once you get the job

List every important association or membership you are a part of. For instance, membership like NIM(Nigerian Institute of Management). Road Safety, etc. Also state any awards you may have gotten.

List things that interest yo. Also, since you're trying to get a job with that company, you might want to include one or two interests that will be beneficial to the job.

This last segment should contain three referees that can be contacted.

Sample CV #1

Email: Phone No: 07062333081, Address: 11,Biola Oshomole street, Cele B/stop Ikotun

OGHARA, Erezi Gloria

Personal Details:
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 2nd October, 1982
State of Origin: Delta State.


Poised with a passion for excellence .I intend to pursue a challenging and rewarding career in a progressive organization that offers opportunity for advancement.

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
- Result-oriented and target driven.
- Ability to work with little or no supervision
- Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
- Can-do-Spirit, self-motivated and multi-tasking ability

A reliable, energetic and resourceful team player, working with my initiative and team to achieve company’s goals and objectives.

Delta State University, Abraka.
Bachelor of Art in Mass Communication.

Nigerian Institute of Management
Proficiency Certificate in Management

Bafuto Computer a College.
Diploma in Computer Appreciation

St Francis College, Lagos.
Senior School Leaving Certificate

Increased sales profit by 20% at Honey pack Fast food by initiating new customer/market acquisition techniques.

Produced the premier magazine for Aunty CAMA Int’l School (NYSC), which inadvertently resulted in increased student’s registration.

Work Experience:
2011- Date Globacom Nigeria

Call Centre Agent
Working with Globacom, I am responsible for handling customers’ issues; keeping them satisfied and content thereby retaining them on the network.

October, 2010-November 2011 Hemmingway’s Safaris Africa
I was responsible for building the company’s clientele base by acquiring customers for the company. I did this by surveying clients on their holiday habits and introducing my company to them.

June, 2008-Date Virgin Nigeria Airlines Limited, Lagos
Cabin Crew
Working with DANA AIR, I am responsible for passengers’ safety onboard the DANA airplane as well as ensuring they have a comfortable flight.

September 06-August 07 Aunty CAMA Int’l College Kogi
Form Mistress and School Magazine Editor
During my NYSC, I worked as a teacher and the school’s premiere magazine editor. I was also responsible for initiating curriculum activities as well as being the coordinator. This improved my management skills

January 05-March 05
Metro Journalist
For my internship at Guardian Newspaper Limited, I was a Metro Journalist and was responsible for covering activities on my beat as well as carrying out intensive reporting.

Association: Board Member, Winners’ Circle Worldwide (Delta State University)

Meeting people, playing game (word puzzles, Chess, Ludo), Traveling.

Excellence Award, Assistant Protocol Leader
Word of Life Campus Fellowship.

Mr. Divine Akilode
Lecturer, Delta State University,

Mr. Peter Shedrack
CEO, Corporate Realms,

Mrs. Paulina Okorodudu
Headmistress, Ijegun Primary School, Lagos.

Dos and Don'ts of a Good CV

Things to Include in Your Cv
Things You Must Never Include in Your CV
Include contact information.
Leave out irrelevant job experiences.
Include your name in full.
Leave out a physical description of yourself.
Your objectives for wanting to join the organization.
Exclude why you left your previous employ.
Your past work experience
Leave out irrelevant/unrelated hobbies.
Include your references available on request.
Leave out physical description like your height, weigh or place of bad.
Include your achievements in previous similar positions.
Ensure you proof read for grammatical errors.



NO 4, Oluorogbo Street, Benin Edo State.
Tel: 0805 000 0000

To be part of an institution building a world class identity out of Nigeria.

Assistant Brand Manager, P & G June ’08 – Present
• Working directly with the Vice President of Business Development on developing an overall business strategy for Ariel’s entry into a ₦3 billion market.
• Conducted thorough market research, competitive and SWOT analysis and developed a detailed implementation plan for branding, technology/product packaging across vertical business lines.

• Compiled full Financial Year ’09 plans for Sales, Marketing, Development and Analyst Relations to maximize revenue potential.
Financial Trading Technology Analyst, Vetiva June ’07 – May ‘08
• Designed and implemented proprietary software systems to streamline transaction work flow for securities trading at Vetiva. The solution consolidated both legacy and new raw data-records of financial transactions into one unified and structured XML financial master model.
• Completed the development of a parallel-processing search engine with a Web 2.0 interface for searching transactional ‘FIX’ tags within distributed servers and data-warehouses.
• Successfully developed FX desktop client for company wide operations

Project Management Institute (PMI). 2008
Project Management Professional (PMP) – FMCG, Financial Markets, Product Marketing interest groups
Obafemi Awolowo University. 2001 - 2005
Bachelors of Science in Economics GPA 3.6/5.

Marketing, advertising, media, management, measurement, ability to evangelize internally and promote relentlessly, process management, resource management, product development, product management, savvy in political maneuvering.
Traveled to 20 countries largely on my own.

It is not always the Most Qualified person that gets the job. Getting a job is a factor of not just skills, but smartness as well.

How to get a job fast
How to get a job fast

Cover Letter

EVERY CV should be accompanied by a cover letter, unless otherwise stated. This is is one of The first paragraph will state should you saw the job vacancy and your interest to apply.

The second will briefly describe you, your qualifications and experience. Keep it short though and politely refer the employer to your CV

‘The third paragraph will thank the employer for taking his time to read.

Attached is a sample of a Cover Letter

10, Ogunleso Street,
Parade B/Stop,
19th January, 2012.

Dear Sir/Madam,
RE: Customer Relations Officer Application 2012

In response to the advertisement on the career website in January 2012, please find attached a copy of my CV for the position of a Customer Relations Officer in your organization.

I am a young, energetic, goal-oriented,resourceful and hardworking team player working with my initiative and team to achieve company's objectives. I possess excellent interpersonal skills and I am well-versed in the use of Microsoft packages.

I graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in mass communication. I am a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and I also possess a Diploma in Computer Appreciations.

As a former flight attendant, I met with diverse people with different characteristics. I was able to interact with them and meet their needs, thereby retaining them for my company. I also worked as a Marketing Executive for Hemingway's Safaris Africa where I marketed the company's services and brought in a steady influx of clients.

Please, view my CV for other relevant details you may require . I am sure you will find my qualifications and qualities beneficial to your company. I, therefore, look forward to joining your widely acclaimed and customer-friendly organization.

Yours faithfully,
Helena Mitchell

How to Get a Job Fast

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Farrah Young


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