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How to Get into the Top 10 Most Viewed on EzineArticles

Updated on December 31, 2011

Steps to get into the Top 10 Most Viewed (90 Days) on EzineArticles

EzineArticles can be very beneficial to your online business when used in the correct way. A lot of people that write at EzineArticles think that it is about submitting article after article and getting just a few views to each article and sometimes 50 at best. I am about to show you a way that can have you submitting very few articles and getting a lot of views to your articles that you have submitted.

Firstly you may remember my hub I wrote on here about a month or so back on how I made $1,000 in a month on EzineArticles. Well the profits just keep coming as it is now helping build a couple of my websites up with subscribers etc. I don't submit a lot of articles with EA but I do use some other strategies that work a lot better than if I was to write all day and submit article after article.

Create Quality and Unique Content

 The first step when writing with EzineArticles is to make sure that you write quality and unique content and also content that people are going to want to read.  Have a look at your niche within EzineArticles and see what the Most Viewed are currently writing about.  I find that this is a good guide to what readers are actually looking to find more information on.

Also be sure to fully research your article before submitting.  Provide as much information as possible.  I have found that this helps to increase your (CTR) Click-through rate within EzineArticles to your websites.  If you don't provide the reader with information that they feel can help them then chances are that they will never finish reading your article and therefore they wont ever get to the bottom of the article to see your Resource Box with your website link in it. 

How many words should I aim for in my text with EzineArticles

I like to aim for 400-500 words. I find that this still allows all the text to be written without a lot of scrolling and they can see my website link at the bottom. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with writing 1200 words for example but you will want to make sure that you don't lose too many readers along the way. You are probably better off making your article 3 parts if you have a lot of content to include. That way they will not only keep focused but also keep coming back looking for more articles that you have written.

Make sure also when choosing the title of your newly published EzineArticle that you choose your keywords very carefully.  I recommend checking out your competition and see how you could rank for those keywords before choosing them for your article.  Remember that EzineArticle has a high page rank and just like Hubpages has the ability to rank well within the search engines when used right.

Building Backlinks:

I cannot stress this enough of how important this is to make your article become a Top 10 hit within EzineArticles.  You need to build backlinks, I have written a guide on how to Easily Build Backlinks and I recommend that you learn more about backlinking before submitting further articles.  In fact this is what has gotten me into the Top 10 in the past.  When you build backlinks you are not only increasing rankings for your article but also people can click through that backlink and onto your article which will then gain you yet another view helping to bump up your views into the Top 10. 

In the past people have tried to trick EzineArticles and bump up views by refreshing their browsers etc, but EzineArticles are smart and can detect whether it is just another marketer trying to get their article into the top 10.

Most Published Section on EzineArticles

The Most Published Articles within (60 days) section on EzineArticles is another great idea and this gives you a chance to have other Internet Marketers / Website owners to publish your article on their website and you gain backlinks out of it. I have had quite a few of my articles get into this section and I have had some great results from it. I actually had a Paypal product that I tracked through Gostats last year and found that a lot of my buyers were coming from a website that had published my article.

The last thing I always do is use Social Media to get the word out there about my newly published article. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Myspace you can get the word out there and have people visiting your articles and helping you increase the views that little bit further. Although to date I haven't had as much success with Social Media I still put it in there as it could mean the difference of getting those extra couple of views to make it into the Top 10.

Remember that when you use the following combination with EzineArticles you are setting yourself up with success.

  • Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles
  • Quality and unique content
  • Backlinks
  • Social Media

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