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How to Grow your Business through Word of Mouth Marketing

Updated on April 21, 2013

What is word of mouth marketing and why is it so important?

Word of Mouth marketing is unpaid advertising about you, your organization, and your product/services that others are propagating. WOM marketing is important because it will outweigh traditional advertising every time. People trust the word of their friends over paid advertising. A reliable source like this always has a higher impact on customers/clients than any traditional advertising will.

What are the different types of word of mouth marketing?

There are many types, such as: person to person, group to group, network to network, co-worker to co-worker, business to business, etc. WOM being a one-on-one concept has drastically changed through today’s social media. Now hundreds of people can learn information about your organization instantly from one customer’s post. A satisfied customer’s opinion can create some of the best and most influential WOM marketing.

What is the difference between Organic WOM and Amplified WOM?

Organic WOM is natural marketing from people sharing information about you and your organization. Those happy with the quality of your product/services are typically the ones to do this, without any encouragement from you.

Amplified WOM is controlled marketing where you ask a specific group of contacts to post information about who you are and what you do. This is frequently done through social networks and forums to look like organic WOM. It can spread quickly and make others curious about your organization and services.

What are some ways businesses can get their clients to share their experiences and talk about you?

First off, give your customers/clients a place to post feedback and opinions. A comment section on your webpage is a great way to interact with your customers/clients. It shows you value them and their business with you. It also allows you follow up with your customers to see if your product/services are making a difference. Through this, you can get testimonials about customers/clients' experiences with your organization.

Secondly, if you are looking for more statistical feedback and opinions, sending out a poll through social media or email could create a lot of interest as well as generate data. The main thing to keep in mind is to have honest interaction with your customers/clients and then genuine WOM support will follow.


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    • DarkMuse13 profile image

      Christine Buenemann 4 years ago from Saint Louis, Mo

      I completely agree. People need to spend more time giving positive feedback on the great quality items and services, instead of just complaining about everything. Thanks for voting!