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Accepting Change: How to Handle it in the Workplace

Updated on August 10, 2016

Have you experienced unwanted change at your workplace? If you said yes, this is for you. In this article, you will find key factors of why people are scared of change and ways to help accept change with a positive attitude. You may not like change, but you can find ways to deal with it in a positive manner. Everyone agrees that change happens and they are not happy with it for many reasons; larger workload with no extra pay, a change in their job duties, maybe losing their positions all together, or even their daily routine has been altered in some way.

Reservations on Change: Why are we resisting the changes?

Why do people resist change? Many will tell you that are scared of not knowing what is going to happen next. Some will say that they have been doing it the same way for the last X amount of years or they don’t understand the actual need for the changes occurring. And others will just be stubborn and won’t accept it or take it on.

Change is Expected: It’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

To explain bluntly, if businesses don’t change with the times then it won’t succeed. If the business you work for does not succeed it may mean difficult times for you. Most business owners are looking for individuals that are accepting of change and are willing to be more flexible with their work. Remember that “when one door closes another will be sure to open.” If your business is changing be among the people that make the changes happen. Familiarize yourself to the alterations. Don’t promote the negative energies to the changes.

It is true that not all changes are right, but businesses need to try them and see if the change is going to bring better productivity and/or more customer business to the company. Some changes might work and in the long run, make your job easier and make the customer happy. More customers equal better business.

Everyone Likes to Defy It: Positive attitudes make a better business.

We naturally like to refuse to accept the change and with that the negative attitudes come out. If everyone in your workplace had a negative attitude, do you think customers would like to come in? They probably wouldn’t. Would you like to go to a restaurant where the host/hostess greeted you with, “What do you want?” Or even the servers disrespecting you with a negative attitude with hating their job and their manager wants him/her to pickup more shifts. I know I wouldn’t. When I go to a place of business for a service, like a dinner out, I don’t want the worker telling me their problems. You are paying for a service and you want the best possible atmosphere and service for what you pay for. Just like the company you work for and the customers that arrive for that service.

Let’s look at some ways to approach change. Some things you may want to look at when change occurs; collecting all the facts about the change (mainly why the need for the change?), looking for the positives out of the change, not to take the change on a personal level, giving the change time to work out all the kinks, or just going with the flow.

To try to take the change in a positive way figure out your approach about the change; collect the facts on the change, communicate with a positive attitude, and compromise to make the change go smoother. When the change happens keep composed and talk it out confidentially whether with a coworker or yourself. Get to know why the change is occurring and what is in it for you. With every change come new challenges and even new beginnings. Try asking questions about the change and find out how it affects you and/or the customer. Communicate the change to help others deal with it, too. Don’t gossip about the changes, but relaying it with a positive outlook will help others see your side. And lastly, try taking the change in small portions. Don’t try to tackle it all out in one time. Space it out.


Changes are going to happen for older businesses to run more smoothly. If not, that business may not succeed, especially if newer businesses are coming out. In this day and age we must present ourselves with positive attitudes in order for our workplace to operate and have more customers come in for more and more business. Just remember to ask yourself one thing; “Why am I at my job.” To put it simple, you are at your job to help the business grow and do well and keep growing.

This article is not suggesting for you to always be positive and accept the change, but in order for you to look at the change with a positive attitude. If you do need to gripe about your workplace, do it in a fashion that is private. Venting about the change may help you see it more closely and get another’s point of view. And if you have ideas, share them and get your ideas out on the frontline. It may just help you in the long run with your career at your workplace. Make yourself and your needs matter. And this can be said for your everyday lives too.


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Personal Message from the Author:

Knowing life is hard as it is, we don't need change in our personal lives. Wrong! Without change you lead a very comfortable level with no energy or rollercoaster ride that drives us to do what we do. It's not about being a daredevil or facing fears, it's about taking small chances on something new, different or even unexpected. This is where happiness, excitement, and greatness come from. Living a monetone life can lead to more stress, depression or sadness. As the story life to its fullest potential. Make the change happen before the change happens to you.


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