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How to Improve Attention to Detail

Updated on March 13, 2012

In the work place, people are always trying to set themselves apart from others. This can be a difficult thing to do since most people have their own unique skills and talents that already set them apart. However, there is one thing many people do not realize that does set people in a different category of top workers compared to the rest. This is their ability to focus and provide a unique attention to detail to their job.

Attention to detail is a critical job skill that does take practice mastering. For example, if, you are an electrician and forgot to ground out some of the wires in a new home, this could be a fire hazard. If, you are a c computer technician setting up a new job and forgot to hook the printers up and now the clients cannot print. There are thousands of examples of where attention to details can make or break a job.

However, learning to concentrate on these small details can help you overcome your sense of urgency and slow down to make sure the job is done correctly.

1. Checklist- Before you are going to perform a job that you know requires extensive detail make a checklist. This checklist will ensure that you are getting everything you need together before the job. Then when you arrive you will have another checklist of all the tasks that need to be completed.

2. Change your Mindset -Another way to help you understand attention to detail is to place yourself in the shoes of the person that you are doing this for. If, you are a computer technician setting up a store then walk out of the store and walk back. When you come back in you want to change your thinking to a new mindset for the client.

3. Alternate Set of Eyes- Ask someone you work with to scan the area and go through with you the places that you were responsible for. A co worker can be helpful because they may think of something that you may have missed.

No matter how you want to help yourself in your Attention to detail it will greatly benefit you and your standing. Your boss will be more impressed with your work. Your coworkers will be envious of the quality of work in which you are doing, and it will raise the bar. Most of all you are going to be the one that will have that extra bonus because your quality of work detailed, through, and complete


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