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How to Increase Your Google Adsense Income

Updated on January 6, 2015

Increase Adsense Income - Adjust Your Adsense Blindness

Update (3-13-2014): Since this hub was written the world of adsense has gone through some drastic changes (e.g. panda, penguin). These changes have altered the way SEO works and millions of websites have disappeared from the map, thus killing their adsense income.

What is Adsense Blindness?

When the Internet made its entrance onto main street, the initial excitement was having a blog or website for personal use. People would post anything on their blogs just to say they had a site.

The natural progression was to find ways to make money from them. There were a lot of programs being sold of which many were just junk; the exception was adsense. Adsense was a legitimate way to make money online, and it was fairly easy to do - if you had traffic.

In the excitement of this new found way to make money, people placed adsense ads all over their sites. The word "intrusive" is the word that comes to mind - visitors would either ignore the ads or just leave the site.

It's during this time that the term "adsense blindness" was coined, and now the question is, what to do?

Less is More

Strategically placing ads on your website will correct adsense blindness.

You only need one or two ads on your site and you'll find that if you place these ads within the content, where they make sense, then your click through rate (CTR) will increase with fewer ads.

Can pictures increase your CTR? Definitely.You don't want a picture that implies "click ads," this violates Googles terms of service, but a nice picture next to the ad block draws a readers attention to that area and CTR's do increase.

Increase Adsense Income With Testing

Testing different ad placements, types, and colors is something every website owner must go through to maximize their income.

Give each test about two weeks; this should be enough time to judge the reaction of visitors.

So, what kind of tests should you do?

Here are some of the variables you can start with:

  1. Ad size
  2. Font size
  3. Colors (title,body,url,background)
  4. Placement
  5. Borders (line-color,size,corners)

Is Your Content Conducive With Adsense?

There are times when the content just doesn't fit with adsense.

There is some content - e,g, gambling - where Google doesn't even offer ads, so your ad blocks will come up blank.

Informational niches like health, money, relationships; subjects where people can look to other sources for a product or more detailed services, this type of content is more conducive with adsense ads.

What Type of Ads Are Being Shown? If your clicks are paying 5, 10, 15 cents a click, then your content is pulling cheap ads, You can increase your income by writing content for higher priced keywords. You'll have to get an adwords account and do keyword research.

This is a whole other subject, but it's worth studying is you want to increase your income.

Increasing Adsense Income With Content and Ad Blocks

Refining your content and integrating ad blocks is key to increasing your adsense income.

If you content is good, helpful information, a visitor is more likely to click the ads, why? Because you have gained trust and ads are like recommendations - "if they like you, they'll like the ads".

As far as visual, here's a few tips:

  1. Make your line, word and paragraph spacing easier to read.
  2. Use black text on white background.
  3. Use italics and bolding to keep them attentive.

For content, keep this in mind:

  1. Do your research - a savvy customer will know right away if you're BS-ing them or not, make sure you can speak in the terms of the subject.
  2. Don't overdue it - we have a tendency to want to put a lot of different thoughts into one post. This not only confuses Google, which kills the relevancy of the ads, but your visitor will be confused. This translates into a Goodbye from them.
  3. Ask questions - wouldn't you like to be healthy? How can we take away the pain? Questions that will engage them and make them think about how to find solutions.

Ad Blocks

  1. Blend - in finding a way to fight adsense blindness, I've found success in blending the font size, color and type with the text type of the content. If you are using wordpress you can put an adsense block right into the post/text itself.

Try Ads at the End of Posts

If your post isn't to long and it's engaging, then you'll find a lot of success placing ads right after the post.

If you construct your post right, by the time a reader gets to the end, they'll want more information. Your advertisers will be waiting to provide them with these answers. if you don't have an ad block waiting, you lost that opportunity.

This brings us back to engaging content. The experts say "most people lose interest after 600 words," so keep this in mind when writing your posts.

Again, you'll need to test this for yourself to find out what your readers want and how they will react to certain ads.

SEO and Traffic

As mentioned, I updated this hub as of 3-13-2013 and a lot of things have changed concerning SEO.

This whole hub focuses around people who's main source of income from their website is adsense income. Millions of websites have disappeared into cyber space and their owners along with them; it's a progression that comes with any new technology.

For us, who are hanging in there, the main source of traffic for our informational sites is still search engine traffic. The main source is still Google.

Backlinks ares still a vital factor for rankings, but the days of getting these links from link farms is over - that is the ones that were affordable for the average person.

So now what do we do?

Backlink Strategy

Backlink Strategy

As you can see from the picture, you want to get links from sites that we call "feeder sites." These are sites like the ones shown, or other places like:

  • Guest Posts
  • Article Hosts (ezinearticles)
  • Comments

The key is to then backlink to these feeder sites with weaker links from social bookmarking sites, mass article distributions, and bookmark directories. Now you have a booster to your feeder links.

There is something else you can do - boost existing backlinks to your site.

Chances are you have some natural backlinks your site attracted along the way. Once you find out where they are, send some social bookmarking links to them - you'll save yourself the step of having to build feeder site links.

The Social Media Scene

I just want to mention all the buzz about social media links from Facebook and Twitter.

I have older sites with good content, very few (but good backlinks) and no links from FB or Twitter that rank on the first page of Google. The traffic directly from FB and Twitter haven't proved to be the type that like to click ads, but go ahead and test it might have better luck than others.

Here's some Do's and Dont's I forgot to mention:

Do - get links from different sources and vary your anchor text.

Don't - get a cluster from one place (i.e., 10 articles from ezinearticles). It's a waste after two or three links from the same place (IP). Google will only recognize a couple of links and the rest won't show on their report.

Google is big on natural link accumulation, this is contrary to past practices like - getting as many links, as quickly as possible; this practice will kill your site - don't do it.

It certainly seems that the days of throwing together a niche site, getting a bunch of backlinks to it, and then waiting for all those clicks to come through are over.

Yes, there are still people doing the "made for adsense" business, but from everything I read the cost for keyword research, outsourcing, content creation, and backlinking has gone up - in both time and money.


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I can understand this blindness. I clicked one as today which is unusual as I have not clicked any lately but it addresses my interest directly. I think I may be putting too many on my sites. I need to review these now.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I suggest that you cteare a website. You can target people in your area. There are web hosts that will host your site and help you to design a website around your business for a low annual fee. It can cost thousands of dollars to pay someone to build a website and promote it for you. I chose a web host that has cost me less than $1 per day. They offered a step by step program on the proper way to build a website that will get targeted traffic.You can search for one that will suit your needs. If you have questions about the one that I chose, you can send me a message. You can also read more in my Yahoo Answers Profile page. I hope this helps.BEST WISHES!

    • rb11 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Las Vegas

      Rencontre, thanks for the input. Google themselves are always testing too. They changed the header ad format which looks better. It is a constant testing process because the market is always changing. Economic times change what people want and what they are looking for. During political elections I had to block many campaign ads, it became ridiculous.

      Your comment about color changes is always relevant, it is one element that we can't ignore.


    • profile image


      7 years ago


      Thank you for this article. In other places, it was also advised to randomize the display of blocks. For example, you could display the blocks a third of the time, and that would be a good action against blindness. Also, rotating colors (but it seems you've talked about it already), and simply discarding image blocks on some places.

      These should also be given a try.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      8 years ago from Georgia

      Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 

      8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      Thanks for the tips, much appreciated


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