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Make Six Figures Without College

Updated on April 2, 2015

Make Six Figures Without Student Debt

It is still possible to earn a handsome living without going to college. Not to say that its easy, but, it is doable. Most of those who earn six figures without a college education have actually taken off and started a small entrepreneurial business with their own two hands. The business model is simple but the work is hard. This is where a regular guy can just sit and think of something that he can do, that other people don't want to do, and then sells his services to those people. They are your gardeners, house cleaners, pool service guys, ect. Have your ever seen a weathered looking man walking around with his "blower" in the hot sun and said to yourself, "poor guy, he works so hard", and then assumed he was some kind of poor man barely making ends meat? Chances are that the gardener you were feeling sorry for is making double what you make.

The American dream is the idea that many Americans have heard, such as Colonial Sanders and his Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Bob's Big Boy. These businesses started out small and then grew into household names. The owners were poor average people who, through hard work and creativity, made real money and created an empire. Just about every highly successful entrepreneur who decides to create a business and starts sending out flyers has a basic idea with a huge dream behind it. Just remember that if you decide to create a sole-proprietor business such as those mentioned, you will have a much easier time if you live in a conservative state. Many of the liberal states have made it so hard for single entrepreneurs that its not even worth starting up.

Cleaning Business--

A house cleaning business can be very profitable. Remember, that a house cleaning business is not the same as being a maid. Many families want their home cleaned once per week. This means that you will not pick up after the family. It is up to them to have their stuff out of the way and your crew will price out all those things that will be covered; such as, hard wood floors, vacuuming, ect. These jobs are usually done during the day, if you want a big money business, you can clean offices at night. After running yourself and helper ragged for a few months working day and night, you can hire help.

Gardening and pool service businesses work in a similar way. The work will be hard, but the money will be better than what you were getting as an employee. In order to keep your sanity and your body, you will need to think about hiring help or selling the business for another within five years.

Making money Online. Bring In the Bucks

The most important thing to do online is diversify. I highly recommend to those who are not already signed up here at hubpages to click here and join. I made a few dollars my very first month and by the second month my earnings tripled. It is really a great way to earn money, and establish an online presence. So, first thing to do is join, and then start writing articles about subjects you are very knowledgeable about. There are many online writing sites, but I have found that Hubpages pays best, and it does not take anywhere near as long to see money coming in. I talked to one writer who made a point of writing at least one Hub per day. Within six months she was averaging at least one dollar per day, and the last I heard she was making a minimum of $3 per day.

Next, start a blog. Go to Google or tumblr to sign up. The reason I say these two sites in particular is because they both allow AdSense to monetize your sights, are free to join, and therefore, you have the most potential to make money quickly. Start linking your blogs to the articles you write here. Within a short time, you will see some decent grocery money coming in. Sell products on your blog. This is the most profitable way for small blogs to really start earning. Focus on great content and build your reputation. In short, be honest and professional and good things will come slowly.

If you need some money now. Try Inboxdollars It is a survey taking site that gives small payments to open emails and answer questions. Also, there is WebAnswers- this site pays through AdSense, and will pay decent. I have found that WebAnswers is a great break from writing articles on Hubpages because it is quick and easy. Some people actually have fun answering questions on the site, and it truly brings AdSense clicks in.

I have been hearing that Amazon's Mechanical Turk is an avenue to keep you going while you wait for your blog audience to grow. It is similar to Inboxdollars in that they assign you tasks to complete, and pay you a small fee.

Some people have become virtual assistants for blogs. You can look into it further here.

If you are artistic, you can offer artistic designs for businesses.

These are all things that you can do to supplement your blog. You must always remember that your blog is the most important thing.

The newcomer, ZuJava

Zujava is more flexible than Hubpages, and in my extensive experience, I have seen that it pays quite well. The site is new which is a good thing, because it is easy to see that the site owner is eager to please, help out, and reward the new writers.

How I Made Money Online and Managed to Quite My Day Job

Essentially, My plan for success was laid out after a few months of trial and error. I quickly discovered which sites were worth the time and which ones were not. I joined Hubpages and started writing as many articles as I could. When I had free time, or a lunch break, I would go to WebAnswers and answer as many questions as I possible could. I then joined Zujava and wrote similar articles to my Hubpages ones so that I could like them together. The reason for that is to raise the pages popularity with Google.

This simple formula was the foundation for my never having to fill out a job application or write a resume ever again.

Be sure to start a blog and that is basically the way to rake in the mega dollars. Link your Hubpages and Zujave articles to your blog and watch the traffic grow. I often use ebay to boost my earnings and to further add diversification.

If you have a certain talent you can join Fiverr. This is a fun site in which you can charge $5 that will be paid to you via paypal, to do just about anything. If you can draw pictures you just simply advertise that you will draw a picture for $5. Some hard working Fiverr workers have actually earned enough money to buy a new home.

The difference between the other methods I mentioned and Fiverr is that Fiverr is not passive income. You perform a task and then you are paid. The beauty of the others mentioned here is that you can take a trip to Hawaii and make money from your blog and Hubpages.

Multi Level Marketing. The Ultimate Key

The ultimate key to earning six figures without a six figure college education is to leverage multi level marketing. Yes, a truly reputable multi level marketing company can quickly put you in a position of earning the most money that you have ever earned in your life passively. Many multi level marketers only work for two hours per day and earn six figures. An important point to make here is that you choose a good MLM company that has a solid reputation. I chose Legal Shield because I bought a legal insurance package that cost me approximately $1 per day. It gives me peace of mind to know that I have legal insurance and that should something happen in which I need a lawyer I am totally covered. I can call Legal Shield any time I want and have a lawyer answer any questions that I have. After having experienced hiring a lawyer without Legal Shield years ago I can totally appreciate having a lawyer there for me any time without it costing me several hundred dollars for one phone call. So, after seeing many successful Legal Shield associates I decided that I would use Legal Shield to create my wealth.

A few other reputable MLM companies are


Organo Gold


Mary Kay


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    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 

      5 years ago from South Florida

      Very interesting and informative! Great Hub!! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

    • Gio Rodriguez profile image

      Gio Rodriguez 

      5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks !

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i have read yor story,an find that the way you have set up a step by step method on how to get your self situated on line is very helpful, and informative to me, thank you ,i have had every question i have had for a while now answered ,i thank you .i feel very confident in what,how, where and to do"s. and i am on my way to start making ,some money..... thank you again.


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