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How to Make Money from Hubpages Online

Updated on November 13, 2009

Making Money from Hubpages

Making money through Hubpages is deceptively easy, I hope in this article to help you repeat my success not only on hub pages, but on your own websites as well!

There are plenty of ways to increase the popularity and the profit of your websites using hubpages, in the following article I hope I can help you too to make money from Hubpages!

First things first you need to do is Register for Hubpages,

First Things First - Content is King!

One of the most vital parts of the hub pages system is it's content.  If you create a spam filled hub it will drop down the Hubpage rankings into the nether and all your time will have been wasted.  For this reason filling your Hubpages with high quality targeted content is a must for any aspiring website entrepreneur hoping to make some money online.  This is just as equally true of your own websites as it is Hub page sites!

Creating high quality content is the fastest, most profitable way to increase your Hubpages income and traffic! 

Build your Hubpages Network

Building up a network of Hubpages and connecting them with your network of websites is a great way to increase traffic, PR and more importantly, sales.  There is a reason that Hubpages created the Capstone Project, creating several hub pages on a particular subject and linking them to hour main Hubpage capstone is a fantastic way at generating a large amount of traffic and an even larger amount of sales!

Keep building up your hubpages link network and you should soon find yourself earning big and entertaining thousands!

Advertise Effectively with Hubpages

When you make your Hubpages you need to consider how to lay out your adverts.  If you want to make money directly off of your Hubpage then it is important to include as much advertising as possible while making your Hubpage look as clean and uncluttered as possible.

This may not seem like an easy task, but there are plenty of little tips and tricks to help you keep your Hubpages looking simple and content filled while allowing for a large amount of advertising space.

My first bit of advice would be this, for Amazon (And E-bay if you wish) you can align your adverts to the right or left.  Personally I prefer to align them to the right.  You can then integrate the adverts into the text of your Hubpages to blend it in with your content while still maintaining the visibility of your adverts!

Build your Hubpages Contacts

When you have a few hubs of your own linked together it never hurts to get talking to the other Hubpage authors out there.  Join the Hubpage community groups that interest you and take part in discussions.  Before you know it you may acquire a large network of friends who will link to you and help your Hubpages increase their traffic, revenue and Page Rank!

The great thing about building up a good network of friends is that you begin to build up a larger and larger traffic base from their profiles, this is often followed by a PR increase on your own hubs!

This traffic to your Hubpages often brings a profitable increase in both product sales and advert clicks.

Social Bookmarking for your Hubpage

You can always use social bookmarking to improve your Hubpages visibility and traffic. This brings in a lot of traffic for a little bit of work, unfortunately this gives poor conversion rates and you may find it not worth the bother in the end. This kind of social bookmarking rarely increases PR and gives only a slight boost to search engine rankings. Whether you decide to do social bookmarking or not, it is a personal choice and you should weigh out the pro's and con's yourself!

Personally I only ever social bookmark my articles when I find myself with a couple of hours to kill, it does give benefits, but they are slight when compared to (for example) creating a new Hubpage or website article.

Use the Hubpages Capstone Project

The Hubpages capstone project is an amazing way to increase your income from Hubpages.  On top of your usual 60% cut of the profits from Hubpages you may find yourself eligible for the Hubpages Capstone project, where you could earn $40 extra!

This $40 comes with restrictions however, to create a qualifying Capstone project you must do the following

Have 5 non-promotional hubs

Contact Hubpages first so they know what you are doing.

Create 15 hubs on different subjects around the same niche

Create one capstone hub

Link all other 15 hubs into the capstone hub

This will earn you $25

Then complete the traffic goals of ten unique visitors per day from non Hubpages sources to earn the final $15!

Hub pages Capstone is a great way of earning some instant rewards for your work while still reaping the normal benefits you would receive from Hubpages!

Specify Those Products

If you build a Hubpage around a single product you are much more likely to get a product sale, where the money is, compared to a more generic website.  Therefore it simply makes sense to build up your single product hub pages.  These can then be linked together and advertised by a larger, more generic hub which will help to advertise and promote these smaller niche hubs!

If you create a keyword rich hubpage surrounding a single product it is more than probably that you will gain a high SERP giving you a huge traffic increase and more sales!


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      UrsulaRose 6 years ago

      Another gem of a Hub article. Thanks thisisoli!

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      mysterious_babe 7 years ago

      nice hub dude.. keep it up!

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      treasuresyw 8 years ago from Savannah, GA

      Thanks for the tips. Your articles are well written and very informative. Great job!!! :-) Peace