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How to Make Powerful Connections by Networking and Earn More Money

Updated on May 29, 2013

Stop Talking To the Wrong People If You Want To Be Profitable


Are you networking the wrong way and don’t even know it?

You just might be if you have nothing but a handful of business cards to show for your efforts.

Isn’t it about time for you to trade those business cards for cash?

Could it be that you are networking with the wrong people?

You just might be if you haven’t been hired, referred or invited to exclusive events that will earn you even more money.

Isn’t it time for you stop wasting your breath talking to people that don’t care about your product and services. Don’t you want to connect with people that do care so you can walk away with heavy profits that will take your breath away?

Making the Right Connections Makes All the Difference


Network the Right Way with the Right People

Far too often we network for the sake of networking, but THAT kind of networking is not profitable at all. Not only does it rob us of time, it steals our profits.

Imagine how much better off you would be if you made powerful connections with people that matter?

Don’t get me wrong all people matter, but we can’t help all people and all people can’t help us. So, why not focus on the ones where we can make a difference so everyone benefits?

Our missions and motives must match if we want to win at networking.

If your business mission is to help lactating moms have an enjoyable feeding experience would you speak to grandpas?

Of course not. That would be silly.

Follow me and I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Are You Selling Girl Scout Cookies At the Gym?

And you wonder why no one is taking a bite?
And you wonder why no one is taking a bite? | Source

You Don't Have To Look Far To Find Your Target

Look at your sales receipts and existing customer base
Look at your sales receipts and existing customer base | Source

People Only Care About What They Care About

In economics, we call it self- interest. Suffice it to say, we are all self-interested. It might sound selfish, but it’s true: we act and behave in ways that are beneficial to us. If the group you are meeting at networking events are not behaving the way you hope them to, then they probably don’t see how your product or services benefit them personally.

You can have the best product or service in the world but if people don’t see the benefit they won’t buy it or let alone try it.

So, what can you do?

First of all you need to know who actually benefits from your products and/or services. This is called your target market. Almost every business person knows they should have a target market and many do, but instead of selling and marketing to only their target market, they load up their goods and/or services and try to sell to anyone that will buy.

Know this: The whole world is not your customer.

Your client or customer is the person that benefits from your product and is willing to pay for it. A person that you give your product or service away to for free is not your customer or client either.

You have to find and connect with people that will benefit from your product or service.

For example, if you sell breast pumps, is it wise for you to promote your products at a networking event filled with seasoned business women? Probably not because most seasoned business women have years behind them and are probably not in the market for breast pumps. One might argue that their children could be interested, or that the seasoned business women might know someone that may need a breast pump and refer them. That’s true, however making a connection with a seasoned business woman is not a powerful connection, it’s a loose one. A powerful connection is made when you connect with a women that may need a breast pump now or in the near future. That woman is a buyer. Your only job after connecting with a buyer is to get her to buy from you.

Stop Trying To Connect With People That Don't Feel Right

You Know When Your Message Doesn't Feel Right... it doesn't feel good to connect with people that don't care about your product or services. So, why bother?
You Know When Your Message Doesn't Feel Right... it doesn't feel good to connect with people that don't care about your product or services. So, why bother? | Source

Be Heard: Blast Your Message to People That Will Care About It


Who should be targeted?

In the breast pump example, someone that sells breast pumps should target networking groups where young women and mothers frequent. Those groups would be a better use of time and money. Don’t you agree? Forget about networking with a bunch of IT professionals unless they are young and about to give birth in the near future.

Even if you have money to burn and just want to attend an event just for the sake of attending, then go but don’t expect to leave with a profit. I call those events entertainment. In this day and age, how much of our resources (time and money) do we allocate to entertainment. Personally, if I want to be entertained I don’t have to network with strangers, my family, loved ones and friends need me and I’m happier when I’m being entertained surrounded by people I love. In the end, its your money, your economic decision and your choice: spend, burn, save or invest it. I’m happy if you are.

But if you are not happy, continue to read more.

Your target should be comprised of people most likely to buy your product. If you don’t know who these people are go through your records and look at the type of people that bought your product or services before.

Answer the following questions about your target:

Where do they live?

What is their gender?

How old are they?

Why did they buy your product or service?

What do they like to do?

Do they have a common profession or interest?

Next, your networking message should be one that inspires the target to take action to get to know you better. Have a powerful offer that might interest her. For example, perhaps you might offer a class to teach new moms on how to use a breast pump or store milk. What if you discussed the dangers of stored milk? Tell your target something that they don’t know and/or are interested in?

If you want to make a powerful connection and become more profitable have a message that matter and speak to people that care about your message.

Now it’s your turn…

Your way forward is always your way. How will you make a powerful connection today?

Got a question about networking or want to make a suggestion? Leave it in the comments below so we can connect powerfully about something we care about... networking and growing a more profitable business. See what I mean?

Happy traveling!


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