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How to Manage Your Time Wisely In 15 Brilliant Ways

Updated on July 19, 2020
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Nitin is a certified life coach, executive coach, writer, husband, and father. His passion is to help people become their best version.

Time Is Precious
Time Is Precious | Source

Do you always find yourself short of time?

Do you find that you don't have enough time every day to finish all your tasks?

Do you wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day?

Then you need to read this article because it will help you to manage your time wisely.

Please realize that everyone has enough time.

You have exactly the same number of hours daily as Mother Teresa, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein had.

It is you who has to decide how to use this time. Time is more precious than money because you can recover the money but you cannot recover time lost.

But the wonderful thing is that you can learn how to save time. You can learn how to use time in a way that is wise. You can thus and make something beautiful out of your life.

With this in mind, I have listed 15 different things that you could do to manage your time wisely.

1. Complete The Most Important Tasks First

You need to make a habit of listing all your tasks for the day and then choose the most important tasks.

It is very important to finish these tasks first. When you finish the tough tasks first, it becomes easier to finish the easier ones later on.

Your energy levels are high in the morning, so it's the best time to get the tough tasks done.

2. Remove All Distractions

There will be distractions every day. You must take care to remove them out in a systematic way.

Do it before they become stumbling blocks in accomplishing the important daily tasks.

3. Don’t Wait For Inspiration - Just Do It

Another secret of using your time in a productive manner is to do what you must do whether you feel inspired or not.

Most of the tasks that you need to finish don't need inspiration, they need perspiration.

Go ahead and do what you have to do even though it may be mundane and boring.

4. Multitasking Will Waste Your Time

Many people have the habit of multitasking.

While it may seem like a good thing, multitasking does not really save time.

You end up being a jack of all trades but master of none.

After multitasking, you will have to get the task redone resulting in more wastage of time.

5. Don’t Get Caught Up With Small Details

When you let unimportant things grab your attention, it results in delayed projects. This also results in getting lost in the small details.

Giving attention to details is a good thing but if you don't move forward then it becomes a waste of time.

6. Take Regular Breaks Between Tasks

If you really want to save time then you need to take breaks between tasks.
Taking breaks refreshes you and removes mental blocks.

When you do this, you can finish the job at hand with fresh energy and vision.

So, even though it may seem like a waste of time, taking breaks actually helps you to complete the task well in time.

7. Take Advantage Of Waiting Times

There are times when we have to wait-maybe at a clinic or at a shop or in a queue somewhere.

You need to make the most of this time by finishing some tasks while you're waiting. By doing this you will be redeeming a lot of time.

8. You Will Do Well To Organize Your Emails

In this digital age of communication, a huge number of emails take up space in your inbox.

You must have a system about when to check your email, whom to respond to, and manage it in a systematic way. Thus you will not be wasting a lot of time.

Schedule time every day where you read your emails and answer the ones which need to be answered.

9. Use Your Online Calendar

Using Google calendar will help you to organize your time in a satisfactory manner.
You can block your times and days to become better organized.

There are many online calendars available nowadays. You can use them to simplify your activities and save time.

10. Learn The Art Of Saying No

One thing that you need to learn, is the ability to say no to some people and certain activities.

You need to understand which task is important and which people you want to give your time to.

Learning to say no will save you a huge amount of time and energy.

11. Don’t Answer The Phone All The Time

Another activity that robs your time is the cell phone.

Answering the cellphone indiscriminately will result in losing a lot of time.

Make it a habit to turn off your cell phone when you are doing something important. You don't need to answer the phone every time it rings.

12. Start Early

Most of us are very good at procrastinating.

The easy way out is to keep on saying that I will do it tomorrow because we know it will get done in due course.

But think about the time that you will lose by doing so.

It's better to start early and it's possible if you have the determination to do it.

13. Spend Time On TV And The Internet In A Wise Manner

The television, internet, and cell phones are huge time wasters if not managed well.

You need to be very disciplined when it comes to spending time on these three things.

If you are not careful, then these can eat into your time with ease every single day.
Have a set time to watch TV, for games, and for socializing.

Don't keep on checking your phone all the time because it is a huge time waster.

14. Create Systems To Help You Become Organized

If you are well organized, you will save a lot of time.

Create systems to handle your tasks and you will save a lot of time.

You could create something like a filing system for your documents.

You can unsubscribe from email lists that are of no value to you.

You can put certain things in the same place so that it becomes easy to find when you need them.

Organizing yourself in these ways will save a lot of time.

15. Find Time To Be Still

Finally, you need to take time out for yourself.

You must take time to sit still, doing nothing.

These times of silence, reflection, and stillness will reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

They will prove to you that you don't need to be on the move all the time and you don't need to rush all the time.

This will make your work more enjoyable and pleasurable.

How many time wasters from the list have you identified in your life?

See results

Final Thoughts

Friends, everyone has exactly 24 hours to do whatever they want to do daily.

No one has even a mini second extra or less.

Some people seem to have all the time in the world. But, some people are always running helter-skelter trying to finish their tasks.

We need to learn how to save time so that we can do everything without any hurry, stress, or anxiety.

If we learn to put in place these 15 tips I listed above, then it will become very easy to do everything in a good time. This will ensure that you use your time in a productive manner.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Nitin Khaire


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