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How to Market an E-Book Online: Sell Your Ebook or Get Affiliates to Sell It!

Updated on May 21, 2020
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No, it doesn't exist... its just the cover :)
No, it doesn't exist... its just the cover :) | Source

E-Book Marketing 101: Starting a Profitable Ebook Selling Business

If you love writing, you can put your great passion into a profitable niche activity which is known as e-book marketing. However, you should know one thing: you need to write a good and informative e-book. Quality is key!

There are many factors you must consider in order to get the maximum profit out of your e-book. In this article, I would like to give you some book marketing tips so that you can get a lot of customers and therefore achieve your dream of becoming a successful e-book writer.

On the other hand, selling your ebook is much like selling something else, as you need to consider competition, sales avenue, how to deal and reward your affiliates, how to market it, and so on.

You should face selling your ebook as if you owned a store, only if you are serious about something can you attract serious money, and only by working smart can you achieve the results you expect.

Don't get demoralized though, selling an ebook is easier than it looks like, and there are plenty of people doing this for their livelihood.


Ebook Writers: Freelancers, Allies or Competition?

First of all, you must remember that you can easily find good writers who are actually venturing into writing blogs, eBooks, press releases, making ad copies, and more with the hope of getting money out of it by using their writing skills. So, you need to strive and outwit competition by knowing how to get on top.

The harsh reality is that success in the e-book industry is not based on writing only as you need to market your product successfully. If you know how to market it but don’t know how to write it – hire a freelancer!

When you think about other ebook sellers, you can also consider them to be allies rather than competitors.

If they write ebooks on topics you also cover, make sure to offer them some sort of "alliance" or cooperate with them by writing an ebook together or promoting each other.

Regardless of what you do, you now have ebooks to sell, so let's get to it.


How to Sell Your Ebook: Promoting Your E-Book to the Masses

Ok, so how do you promote your e-book?

You can promote the eBook online by displaying its links over social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You need to describe all the key points that the eBook covers in these sites to sprout the attention of customers towards buying it. It may help if you allow people to know what is inside of the book and also learn whether it includes the answers and questions they are usually searching for.

E-book marketing works like movie marketing: in the movies, trailers are usually shown in order to pique public curiosity.

But wait a minute, first of all, you need to develop the website that you can promote and successfully do E-book marketing from. Remember that the display of the site is not enough; you also need a steady number of visitors so that you may actually convert a good-sized amount. The efforts you put to get more visitors online are not enough as you need to convert these visitors into good profit, meaning - sales.

You can also post your ebooks to be sold in Amazon Kindle or even Clickbank and websites meant for the sale and promotion of digital products, be sure to google for those to give your ebook a leg-up.


Diversify Your Options: Don't Put All E-books In One Basket

First of all you need to invest some time in order to participate in different forums relevant to E-book marketing. People usually go to these forums in order to discuss something or to get clarification about any doubt they may have. If you join these forums, you can easily participate there and help other people who need answers – therefore earning the right to ask questions that are relevant to your eBook topics too.

Secondly you can find some good directories wherein you can submit your book. These directories make your book visible to visitors accessing that site so you can get a good amount of customers from there.

It’s probably a good idea to sell your book at auctions and online stores like E-bay. There are many other sites that allow you to sell your book – take advantage of all the opportunities you can get. You may explore some affiliate marketing in order to promote your e-book too – try Clickbank for example.

Amazon Kindle is also a great place to submit your ebook to, you just need to convert the file to the required format, and Amazon will list it, which gives you a little bit of passive exposure and hopefully a trickle of sale.

If you really want to scale your ebook sales, you need to read the next paragraph though.

In short, E-book marketing is not a tough thing; you just need to follow these tips and add in a little effort!

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Get Others to Promote Your Ebook: Have Affiliates Sell Your E-book

Something you should bear in mind is that no matter how famous you are, you won't ever sell more ebooks than the whole of the Internet.

Considering this, there are websites that serve to sell digital products where affiliates go to pick products, often ebooks, and go sell them to their audience for a slice of the profits.

They head on to these sites, like Clickbank, Clicksure, JVzoo, and so on and they pick ebooks to sell.

This is where you come in. Get in one of those sites, make a sales page to attract these affiliates and they'll do all the hard work and all of the selling process, getting you those sweet ebook profits on autopilot.


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