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How to Market and Sell Online

Updated on January 24, 2013

How to Market: A Guide on Online Marketing a Brand or Product

The Online Market is getting heavier by the minute.

We are entering a new age, an Era where products and services are exchanged and sometimes even delivered in an electronic way. In these new times it is vital to follow the trend, but are you a wizkid ready to take action, or are you a Pioneer of all things physical ready to be forgotten?

If you want to progress, then this article is for you, as I will teach you about Marketing and Selling Online in a newbie friendly way.

Let's call it "Online Marketing for Dummies"

Search Engines: How to do Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing has a lot to it, but hey, this is Online Marketing for Dummies - so let me spoon feed you a bit on this.

One great part of Search Engine Marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - the practice where you optimize your website for good Google Results and passive long lasting results. However, we won't approach it on this article, I'll make sure I do a SEO for Dummies Hub soon.

Here, we will discuss about a particular technique which is a bit conventional but has a great ROI (Return On Investment)- Paid Per Click advertising.

Paid per Click Advertising allows you to choose your market segment by region, keywords, interests and a lot of demographics, so it's a great tool to convert. Not only that you will also get increased visibility.

So, you should always consider setting up a PPC Campaign, being it on Google, Chikita, Adbrite, Adhitz and such.

Social Media: Why is Social Media Marketing Vital

Social Media is important mainly because it builds up two things: Brand Awareness and Brand Integration.

"But what is Brand Integration?" you ask - well it is a term I coined just now and it refers to the phenomenon of involving your target market so much that it becomes part of your brand.

Your market likes and shares your posts, becoming your marketing team.

Your market reviews your services, making them a focus group.

Your market recommends your product to friends, becoming walking salesmen.

Social Media is a powerful platform which allows you to mingle with the Market! Find out how to leverage this power in your favor, and don't forget to use their PPC Campaigns too.

Video Marketing: Why is Video Marketing so Popular

I'll tell you how Video Marketing is best used, right from the start: Reviews and Viral Campaigns.

Viral Campaigns: By sharing something with Viral Potential you are giving your brand or product wings to fly on its own. Viral "Tube" hits get viewed and get shared.... A LOT. This is a golden advertising opportunity to get exposure. My tip? Share something Amazing OR Amazingly Stupid.

Reviews: This works like this, you do a review or hire an actor to do a review about your product - a good one of course. Not only are people more believable in reviews than in ads, but you will also include a link to the buy page on the video description, making your video convert!

This is why Video Marketing is increasingly popular.


Authority: Learn how to Create Credibility

One giant step towards marketing and selling something online is learning how to build credibility. You should always do this, because people will always rely on Experts and Gurus, and the internet allows you to be one from the comfort of your home or office.

Establish a blog, add up content, add an ask & answer question, interact with your users, treat them well and optimize your site in a SEO and user friendly way. "Index it and they will come".

A good idea to build reputation is by giving out free e-books!

Once you have some repute, you're in your way to sell a lot more.

E-Commerce: A Powerful Tool

What? You want to sell online without using e-commerce stores? Why giving up on all of their potential and reach? Here are some reasons you should add your product to e-commerce sites' listings:

Credibility: They have it, and if your product is listed there - you have it too.

Visibility: Their sites top search engines and they have lots of visibility on their one!

Ease of use: Their software is optimized both for the buyer and the seller.

These are the most important reasons, but there is a vital one remaining - Affiliate Programs! More on that on the next paragraph.

Affiliate Marketing: Get millions of Salesmen in your Team

Affiliate Programs are a powerful tool to market and sell online.

Taking where I left on the last paragraph, there is another reason why e-commerce stores are a nice choice - they often have affiliate programs.

Their affiliate programs pay out small percentage based commissions to people that sell, so you'll have an enormous sales team working 24/7 to sell your product.

What's more? You can even join sites like ClickBank, JVZoo and so on that allow you to place your profit share margin and allow salesmen to pick your product and marketing material and hit the streets!

What more can you ask?

Search Engines vs. Social Media


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