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How to Prepare for a New Job

Updated on May 27, 2016

Reason recession (decline). Reason was cost cutting. Many of us are facing with such similar situations today. In such scenarios, an individual has to deal with two aspects, with the fact that he/she has been fired (not to forget the emotional, social, financial and family repercussions) and the other of starting afresh.

Exit Reasons

The reason why a company ask you to leave may be varied. Find out the real reason for your exit, may be the department is closing, no new projects, so people are being laid off or because of nonperformance or no value addition from your end.

The truth may be ugly but you will have to face it. Do not feel embarrassed, awkward or depressed while answering that you were one among many who lost their jobs. Do not lie about your situation. Give the real reasons for your exit because many organizations are lying off people and there are agencies, which do the background, check on people’s credentials. Do not bad mouth your previous employer/organization.

Experience and Employ ability

Make the most of your experience and bring out your expertise to the potential employers’ table. Highlight skills that you have like decision-making, team skills, innovativeness and so on. Stress on your career progress to date [in spite of the lay-off]. Whenever possible, quantify what you have done. Show flexibility and adaptability in your thoughts, expressions. Show your readiness to re-locate.

Educational Qualification

You don’t need to have a mile-long a. list of college degrees, but relevant educational qualifications and skills that will ensure your employability. Make sure that your conceptual skills are clear. Highlight the importance of your degree being relevant to the job that you are seeking. Ensure that you are taking steps to enroll for relevant courses to keep yourself updated.


Times are tough, so the remuneration may not be lucrative. So, you may have to work without incentives or any kind of perks. Be realistic in your demands. You may have to lower your expectations.

Do not over expect or underestimate yourself. Also don’t sound desperate for the job. Maintain your calm and confidence even while negotiating. Think twice before you say ‘no’. Getting a job in a weak economy is not easy, and a job in hand, is an advantage.

Emotional Strength

While in an interview maintain a calm composure. Display emotional strength and be in control of yourself. Do not push yourself to an extent that you might make mistakes. Keep a positive attitude throughout and let it reflect in your responses.



  1. Collect complete details about the company.
  2. Check the interview address.
  3. Check the web address.
  4. Dress up formal.
  5. Don’t wear jeans t-shirts,
  6. Cut your nails, before you go for interview.
  7. Don’t speak in cell phones in interview premises
  8. Take a pen with you
  9. Attend interview place half an hour before
  10. Don’t use perfume while you attending for interview
  11. Introduces yourself stating by your name.
  12. Be honest, positive and truthful
  13. Answer positively
  14. Do not get stress
  15. Don’t talk much
  16. Don’t talk about your financial problems
  17. Boycott to get sympathy
  18. Don’t try to give speech about any other topic
  19. Don’t talk about your personal issues
  20. Try to make good impression
  21. Answer confidently
  22. Don’t loss your professionalism
  23. Say thank you by shake hands


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