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How to Prepare for the TEA Exam for Treasury Enforcement Agents

Updated on January 23, 2012

The United States Department of Treasury requires a TEA exam for those applying to become a treasury enforcement agent. This is the test used to help select members of the Secret Service and other treasury officers. It is a challenging exam that weeds many an aspiring Secret Service agents. Applicants should use a variety of resources to prepare for this competitive federal employment test.

The Secret Service does not really provide much direct information on the TEA exam. Rather, it recommends getting a study guide at a local bookstore. Of course, there are also online options like Amazon to frequently get a TEA test study guide at a cheaper price than the local store. Because the Treasury Department is rather secretive (pun intended) about exactly what the TEA exam entails, this article will list some study-guide options.

Arco is a popular exam preparation series with a TEA study guide called "Master the Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam." As of August 2011, the list price is $18.95, according to Barnes and Noble. This guide has 2 TEA practice tests. There is also an explanation for each correct answer so you can get an idea of the kinds of thought processes necessary to successfully take this federal exam.

Learning Express is a well-known publisher of test-prep study guides. According to Barnes and Noble, the list price for its "Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam" study guide is $18.95. There are 3 practice exams in the guide plus additional practice questions online with instant scoring. According to Learning Express, it also has official TEA exam practice questions directly from the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Jack Rudman and National Learning Corporation have published a "Treasury Enforcement Agent Passbook." According to Barnes and Noble, the list price is $34.95. There is little information provided online. Thus, it may be better to check for this one at your local bookstore and see if it looks comparable to the other TEA exam study guides on the market. Rudman's profile page lists him as an author of an extremely wide variety of exam prep and certification testing publications.


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Barnes and Noble: Learning Express TEA Exam Study Guide


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