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How to Profit from Reselling Yard Sale and Craigslist Items

Updated on September 15, 2015
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I say out loud what others only think. I take great pleasure in expressing the hard core truth about awkward situations at Misscue.Hubpages.

You can make a substantial income by reselling items you buy on Craigslist and at garage sales. Most sellers want to sell their items quickly and so they are very willing to negotiate with their selling price. If you study up on antiques, sterling silver and gold, vintage items and old books, you can find some excellent deals and then turn around and sell them for a good profit.

Garage Sales can be profitable for the buyer too.
Garage Sales can be profitable for the buyer too.

Craigslist Income

Craigslist Income
Craigslist Income

Sell anything on Craigslist

You can sell pretty much anything on, a national website that lists items and information on the internet. CL (craigslist) is quite similar to your local newspaper's classified ads section, but it's on the internet instead of newsprint.

In order to sell any item on Craigslist, you will go to and post an ad.

Once you arrive to the site, you will have the option of choosing your city, and state in which you live in and/or where you would like to post your ad.

If you do not already have an account with (CL), you will need to initially sign up for a user name and a password of your choice. It is a short and painless application process that will only need a one time confirmation through a verification click in an email that is sent to your email address.

Craigslist Categories

  • sporting

  • tickets

  • tools

  • wanted

  • arts+crafts

  • auto parts

  • baby+kids

  • beauty+hlth

  • cars+trucks

  • cds/dvd/vhs

  • cell phones

  • clothes+acc

  • collectibles

  • electronics

  • farm+garden

  • garage sale

  • household

  • motorcycles

  • music instr

  • photo+video

  • toys+games

  • video gaming

Placing your ad in the correct category

Once this is done, you are ready to place your advertisement. There are many sections to choose from, so pick the category that best describes what it is that you intend to sell. The following categories are your available choices:

  • appliances

  • antiques

  • barter

  • bikes

  • boats

  • books

  • business

  • computer

  • free

  • furniture

  • general
  • jewelry
  • materials
  • rvs

Use alot of adjectives and descriptive words in your ads and get as much detail about the piece that you are selling. Research your item on the internet and copy and paste information about your piece from the manufacturers websites if at all possible. And if you can, offer to deliver locally and charge an additional $5-$10 to get paid even more.

All the items I have sold on Craigslist

All the items I have sold on Craigslist
All the items I have sold on Craigslist

My storage

My storage
My storage

A Craigslist ad example / template

Antique & Unique End Table...directly out of the 50's era - $40 (Your Town)

Date: 2012-05-25, 1:26PM PDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

Step right into 1955 with
this totally cool little piece of furniture.
The photos shown are not up to date and do not show the newly restored condition with clean white medium gloss paint.
(Updated photos coming soon)

Dual level shelving with tinted bubble-glass panels on each side connecting the lower shelf to the upper shelf.

Round feet still adorned with puppy-bite marks and age-holes hold up this sturdy table.
Curves adorn the entire table...

It measures 29inches deep by 18inches wide.
First level is 13 inches and second level is 23 inches tall

CONDITION: Good to Fair estate condition. Sturdy.
Shows the usual wood dings and chips that give the piece it's vintage qualities.
This item is antique and exhibits the normal amount of wear and tear that is commensurate with age and usage.

(It is always helpful to alert the potential buyers to the fact that they are helping the environment by buying your furniture.)

**This is a recycled and restored piece of furniture.
There will be signs of previous use.
Please consider this as part of it's unique character
and recognize that with your purchase,
you are making an effort to
recycling your used furniture!

Thanks for reading!

Selling On Craigslist

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How To Create Craigslist Ads That Work

© 2013 Helen Kramer


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  • MissCue profile image

    Helen Kramer 4 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA.

    Hi Kellyteam! Awesome! Thank you so much for reading! And above and beyond, thank you from the bottom of my heart for leaving your feedback and comments!!!

  • kellyteam profile image

    Willette 5 years ago from Michigan

    Another good hub. Thanks MissCue.

  • MissCue profile image

    Helen Kramer 5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA.

    Thank you, point2make, for leaving your feedback. CL is a great way to make extra $$s.

  • point2make profile image

    point2make 5 years ago

    Some very good information to help getting started on Craig's list...thanks voted up.