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How to Promote Your Event or Show

Updated on May 1, 2011

Some 'different' ways to advertise before an event:

*Offer a free product, a discount or some other reward for those people that come and visit you first. You could offer a 30% discount to your first 25 customers, offer a free "door prize" for random customers who stop by your booth or offer great discounts if they buy over a certain amount of product.

*Right articles or hubs about your event, company, brand, show, booth or other events that you will be attending.

*Get a huge decal or sticker for your regular mode of transportation, that promotes your event.

*Slyly tape a promotional flier on the inside of a bus that is local to your event, and strategically place a few on a couple of seats. Nothing too obvious....

Some efficient ways to advertise before an event:

Posting on your Facebook and Twitter pages, or creating "events" on the social webs are two more popular methods of promoting your event, though they aren't always going to bring in the most people unless you pay for tons of targeted ads.

*Often times, making a short video about your event, booth or show is much more efficient then just posting on the social webs. Then upload that video to youtube and send it into the viral webs. There are several other tube sites that you can place your video on for other exposure as well. is a good one to try.

*Place fliers on parked cars that promote your event, show or booth.

*Post news of your event, show or booth on

*Hire a professional Street Team or create your own

Some traditional AND effective, but less used methods of advertising before an event:

*Walk around the venue or convention center 2 hours before your event, and hand out fliers or samples to the people walking around. Spend some time trying to strike up a genuine conversation with people while you do it. You can often strike up a conversation easily by asking where the nearest restaurant is that isn't to spendy. Then ask them if they enjoy the place they just recommended. Thank them and then give them your promotional card or flier before they go.

*A few days before the event AND a few hours before the event, go and leave stacks of fliers and business cards in local restaurants, pubs, clubs, offices, studios, stores or other places of business.

*Take out a week long add in your local newspapers.


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