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How to Qualify as a Legal Assistant

Updated on March 30, 2017

Your First Positive Step For Legal Assistant.

Holding a Diploma Certificare in Legal Terminology help make you a more fitting candidate for a Legal Assistant position.
Holding a Diploma Certificare in Legal Terminology help make you a more fitting candidate for a Legal Assistant position.

Knowing the Different Fields of Law

  • The qualification for a Legal Assistant Job will require some #Legal #Terminology #Knowledge. The applicant must have completed the course through a business and administration training college and be awarded a Diploma in business administration verifying that he/she is duly qualified for such position. This information is required when submitting the job application forms.

Litigation Law is one field of Law.

Litigation Law covers Civil Rights. A Legal Assistant applicant with this knowledge stands a better chance of being hired.
Litigation Law covers Civil Rights. A Legal Assistant applicant with this knowledge stands a better chance of being hired.

Choosing to Work in a Specific Field of Law.

  • Fields of Law: There are several fields of law that one may specialize in as do Lawyers, some specialize in one or more fields. Quite often Law Firms are comprised of several practicing Lawyers each specializing in their respective field and are addressed as Barristers & Solicitors. The job of a legal assistant to a #Real #Estate #Lawyer is completely different from that of a #Litigation #Lawyer as well as that of a lawyer who practices #Criminal #Law or #Family #Law. Therefore a legal assistant will need to know and understand the differences in these practices, and forms that works with each practice.
  • A Legal Assistant must either specialize in one specific field of law or study in all fields of law office practices to be efficient and able to be an assistant to any Barrister & Solicitor who may need their service. It is to your advantage to study all the fields of law. This course may take the minimum of one year intense study to cover for diploma in all fields of law office practice offered through one the major business institutions.
  • At the end of your preparation for this position you must be able to sell yourself in an interview efficiently to convince your interviewer you are the right candidate you have the right stuff, and are ready to put it in practice; your mannerism, confidentiality, and communication skills have got to be strongly convincing with enough assertiveness in yourself of your capability.

Selling yourself in an Interview by your Answers

In Position as a Legal Secretary

  • Legal Secretary: A legal secretary is the direct assistant to the practicing Lawyer, who have met all the above requirements, his or her role includes handling all clients information, all legal documents with confidential information including the Lawyer’s Journal. This is a highly responsible position and requires trustworthy individuals with reputable character to be considered for employment. Over time the Legal Secretary becomes more professional and more knowledgeable in this field of service because of the exposure to the different cases handled in the practice.
  • Junior Secretary: Other legal assistant position is that of the Junior Secretary. The Junior Secretary assistant has the advantage of gaining experience by keenly observing the performance of the #Senior #Secretary to develop her own skills and performance while carrying out the lighter duties of the office, which includes managing the filing system, opening and closing files, managing the receptionist area when necessary, sort and dispatch mails, booking appointments and taking affidavits.
  • You may need to handle the Lawyer’s Journal to remind him of upcoming appointments and court dates he must attend, prepare his travel itinerary, banking and keeping a record of stationary, sometimes if the direct secretary is unavailable you may be asked to draft up an outgoing letter or take an affidavit of a new client.

Legal Assistant Defined by Practioner

Your Good Personality Trait

  • A Good Mannerism: You definitely must have good mannerism on the phone to represent your Firm well; how you answer the phone calls could determine whether or not you keep your position, as the clients either complement you to your boss or complains about you, it is important to have and maintain a good mannerism on the phone because clients do take their frustration and anxiety out on you when they cannot get to their Lawyer quick enough.
  • In the legal practice your dress code is usually mandatory, it will be in your interest to pay attention to the preferred standard of dressing the #Law #Firm is comfortable with, by complying you will contribute to a more comfortable work environment while enjoying other benefits. These are some of the basic requirements that will help you in this career path if this is your ambition; you will soon discover it is a rewarding career to have chosen.


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    • Lucildoll profile imageAUTHOR

      Lucilda Evans 

      4 years ago from Ajax, Ontario

      Thank you munirahmadmughal, appreciate your comment.

    • munirahmadmughal profile image


      8 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      "How to qualify for a legal Assistant Job". This is an excellent, informative and useful hub.

      For any job one must possess,-

      (i)the requisite qualification;

      (ii) the experience, if any;

      (iii) the ability to use that knowledg;

      (iv) the ability to express that he has the potential to improve.

      When job is offered, in any field the appointee must,-

      (i) properly understand the work he is to discharge or perform;

      (ii) learn the manners of the environment;

      (iii) show his worth with honesty, integrity and proficiency to the satisfaction of the employer.

      (iv) continue improving his learning and cpabilities by study and exchanging views with others spoically the senior colleagues.

      May God bless all.


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