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Its Almost Time for Prom!; Here are some tips on how to save money on your prom

Updated on January 9, 2013

The average family spends 1,000 on there childs senior or junior prom. Do those numbers scare you? Are you worried that you won't be able to buy your daughter the perfect dress? Well here are some tips to help save you money so your teens can have the night of there lifes. I recently graduated high school so I still know how young girls feel and how much things cost! I hope you find these tips useful and decide to use them.

Here are some tips to help you save money!

1. Borrow a prom dress. Borrowing a prom dress is a way to save at least a couple hundred dollars instead of buying a brand new gown. Many girls want to have their own special dress but if they find one that they love it won't matter. Moms out there if you have your old prom dress that may make your little girls world so try borrowing a dress instead.

2. Getting ready with a friend. Ask one of your daughters friend's to do her hair and makeup so you can save about 100 dollars. Today getting your hair done is very expensive and doing it yourself can save you a lot. Also if you do decide to get a makeup artist to do your makeup bring your own makeup and that could also save you money. Even going to a cosmetology school to do your hair and makeup would be much cheaper than a high-end salon.

3. Take your own pictures instead of hiring a professional. Find a friend or family member who is great at taking photos or do it yourself so you can save. Professional photographers are very expensive so doing it yourself can really make a difference. Also try to avoid photo booths at prom they are also very expensive and you only get a few photos.

4. Rent a car instead of a limo! Many girls want the limo, the perfect date, roses, etc. But with there choice of a car they would like to rent would be somewhat cheaper if you spilt the cost with friends or your date. The idea of renting a car may be even better than a limo and you also don't have to tip!

5. Buy your tickets early. At most schools the earlier you buy the tickets the cheaper they are. If you decide to buy your tickets at the door they will be about twenty dollars or more extra. So don't wait until the last minute to buy your tickets or you will be spending a lot more that you don't need to.

6. Don't go crazy with accessory shopping. Accessories can add up super fast so jewelry will definetly give you some use with your wallet. So go with the stick on nails and matching ties maybe a necklace but thats it. The amount you don't spend on the accessories could go to your gown.

7. Save every nickel and dime. Don't waste money on things you don't need especially when prom season is coming up. All your money should be saved for this special event especially if you plan on getting all high-end items.

8. Have a pot-luck dinner instead of dining out. This way you can save money and everyone can eat something that they like. With everyone bringing a dish then you can save money and enjoy a nice dinner with your friends.

I hope these tips have helped! I suggest every girl and guy going to prom and please leave me comments talking about your prom, whether it was just last year or fifty years ago I would love to hear all of the stories!


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