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How to Secure Your Job or Make Yourself the Right Person for Jobs

Updated on October 31, 2014

Employment Security

Unemployment Line
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Be Marketable or Be An Asset To Your Company

In tough economic times, which often results in massive job cuts, you need to know how to make yourself more marketable or how to be an asset to your company. For those who are fortunate to be still working during these times of massive jobs cut, you should do everything your power to secure your jobs or make yourselves the most suitable persons for future job openings.

The reason I say this is due to the fact that during economic downturns, no job is considered safe; regardless of Job status, profession, income bracket, gender and so on, we are all in the same boat, wondering today if we will be the next to be told tomorrow that our services are no longer needed.

There are several strategies that you can employ to secure your job. First of all, you want to do your utmost best to make yourself a valuable employee. You can do this by seeking company-sponsored opportunities for learning new job skills.

If such resource is not available at your workplace, you can spend at least an hour daily of your free time learning skills of value to your company. If you don't have a computer or internet service at home you can always make a trip to a neighboring public library.

You would be amazed at the amount of information available, not to mention the amount that you can learn at a very low cost. If you are not a computer savvy person, the librarians will be more than happy to give you some excellent tips on some of the latest and best self-empowerment and career enhancement websites.

Keep abreast of what is going on in the job market. Visit job web sites regularly and take advantage of a wealth of free information on the most marketable job skills, tips on how to get a job, and updates on what's going on in various industries. Also use these sites to keep your resume posted on the Web as much as possible. You should also try to learn about other legitimate income opportunities, such as home businesses.

There are also E-books that you can purchase at very low price that can help you to be an asset instead of a liability to your firm. For example, is an excellent online store where you can shop for books that give great career and business tips. You should Spend more of your free time researching on the things you can do to enhance your current job skills.

You want to be the best at what you are doing, so that it would be very hard to replace you. Also, think about becoming a team leader, one who can be called upon to assist in other areas or to take care of technical issues that might require certain level of expertise. Try to be as flexible as possible. Make multitasking work to your advantage!

Finally, try to be punctual, try not to call out sick too often, due to an overhang from all night partying, or a slight headache that could otherwise be taken care of with a few painkillers. Another word of advice, stay behind and work a couple extra minutes if needed occasionally, if you have no personal, family or other important after work appointments scheduled. There is certainly a lot more you can do, so don't sit around and wait, start doing your research as soon as possible.


The above are just a few ideas on how to be marketable and also how to build job security in tough economic times. The library and other community employment agencies can provide you with a wealth of information in relation to recession and jobs and how to protect yourself.


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