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How to Sign Up for Kontera

Updated on July 15, 2010

Kontera is a site that offers in-text ads and you could sign up for it by following the steps below.

First go to the website:, once there read through some of the info to understand how it works. Then click on the "Publishers" tab on the top of the page. Once there click on the link that said: "Sign Up."

That link will take you to the application form where you will type in your site, blog, etc. URL, then your first and last name, your email address, make a password, agree not to click on your own ads or instruct anyone to click on them, agree to the terms of services, fill in the captcha code, and click submit.

You will then need to wait to be approved. This usually doesn't take long, so check your email in about 5-10 minutes after signing up. Once you confirm your email and are approved, you will be given an HTML code. Now, if your site/blog allows html coding copy this code completely and paste it to the site/blog's html creator. However, if the site/blog only requests the Publisher ID, such as Hubpages, than you will need to take that out from the HTML code. It will be in approximately the forth line of the code and will say Publisher ID=. So take that number and place it in your site/blog, then watch your revenue increase.

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