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How to Speak Effectively and Move to the Next Level

Updated on October 22, 2016
Ruben on Live TV
Ruben on Live TV | Source

Invest in yourself to increase your advantage

During the Speak to Sell broadcast, motivational Speaker Ruben West shared his perspective on how to speak effectively and move to the next level based on his speaking expertise and observations and interactions learned at his daughter’s swim meet.

Focus on the Messenger: Meaning, when you’re going to learn how to speak effectively and move your speaking to the next level, you have to put some focus on YOU, the messenger. Increase your level of practice and participation. Increase your training. Figure out who you can train with and learn from, and do MORE THAN the minimum and necessary. Only 1% of speakers make 6 figures speaking. They do so by figuring out exactly what their message, product or service is and then they find ways to hone in on their message and develop themselves a little better than the competition. In order to single yourself out and be in the upper echelon, do more than your competition. Always strive to be on top, it’s the bottom that overcrowded.

Speakers Ruben West & Les Brown
Speakers Ruben West & Les Brown | Source

When you learn from the best, your closer to success

Who Can You Learn From: Set aside time on a routine and regular basis to listen to powerful speakers from all different platforms. Study their movements and gestures and listen to their rhythm and pacing to learn from them while developing your own style. Learn from coaches and personal trainers, someone designed to help you get to the next level. Find a secret weapon to help…

  1. Guide your training;
  2. Review your presentations after you give it; and
  3. Gain additional knowledge and strategy for making yourself stand out in that 1%.

Watch who you are listening to and surrounding yourself with. How do you become a butterfly? Want to fly enough to be a butterfly and separate from the caterpillars. Give up where you are and desire to fly!

Six Inches from Success: You‘re probably just six inches away from success and just need someone who will call out tips to hone your skills and adjust your technique because you can’t see while you’re in the midst of doing it. In your speaking ability, you probably have all the information you need. The 6 inches is the space between your ears and when you put something in there, it will make the difference. What would it be worth to you if you can make a small adjustment and be in that upper echelon?

Tune into your audience and stay positive

Listen to the Listener: Connect to the audience. If the audience is not with you, change what you’re saying to connect. Don’t keep going with a canned speech that’s not working. Don’t let what you want to say get in the way of what the audience needs to hear. People tell, stories sell. If you’re not connecting, segue into a story the audience can relate to.

Study Something Positive: Study 10-15 pages of something positive every day. Study 30 pages to do more and standout from the competition. Do the extra work.Once caterpillars make that transformation into a butterfly, they never go back. What are you going to do to separate from your competition and standout? Perfect your message, separate from the pack, do what your trainers say, and then do more.

Born in Topeka, Kansas, Ruben is known as The Vision Breakthrough Expert. He is a Professional Certified Success Coach, trainer, entrepreneur, published author, and dynamic speaker.

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