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How to Succeed as a Team Leader

Updated on March 20, 2013

Are You A Leader?

Be A Successful Team Leader

Have you been asked to lead a team?

Are you considering a leadership position?

One of the most important roles in an organization, group or club is the leadership position. Bad leaders sink ships, as well as companies however good leaders build bridges and create jobs. If you want to be on the successful side of leadership then read this hub.

A leader is responsible for the security, vitality and productivity of every team member, as well as responsible for their growth and success of the mission at hand. It’s a big responsibility for a novice but you can do it. There are key things that every leader must know and understand in order to be successful.


What Every Leader Must Know & Understand

Before taking on a leadership role a leader must know and understand the following;

  1. The Mission
  2. The Purpose or Goal
  3. His or Her Role
  4. The Characters and Goals of His or Her Team Members
  5. The Role of His or Her Job
  6. Knows How to Do His or Her Job on an Expert Level
  7. Be Able To Communicate The Mission
  8. Know The Math Behind The Mission - Know What It Takes To Accomplish the Mission
  9. How To Inspire & Empower People
  10. How to Plan For Failure – Have a Plan B in place

Characteristics of a Good Team Leader

Face it, many hands make light work. Successful leaders exhibit many of the same characteristics. They have to in order to get their teams on board and in position to succeed at the mission, you will too if you want to be a successful leader. Some of the characteristicsof successful leaders are listed below;

  • Learn From Their Mistakes
  • Has Integrity
  • Takes Action
  • Is A Role Model
  • Committed to the Mission
  • Is Experienced
  • Thinks Big
  • Is Passionate
  • Knowledgeable but Not a Know-It-All
  • Can Learn From Others
  • Can Admit A Mistake
  • Gives Praise
  • Has A Vision
  • Listens to Others
  • Is Enthusiastic
  • Shows Appreciation
  • Can Be Trusted
  • Is Organized
  • Has Charisma
  • Problem Solver
  • Patient
  • Consistent
  • Adapts to Change Easily
  • Is A Mentor
  • Is Respected


The Kind of Leader Team Members Won’t Follow

Don't exhibit the qualities listed below or your team members probably won't follow you or not for long anyway. Here are some of the qualities you simply don't want to have if you want to lead a successful team;

  • A Short Temper
  • Is Unethical
  • Mean
  • Controls With Threats
  • Is Vindictive
  • Can’t Laugh At Jokes
  • Doesn’t Listen
  • Has a Superiority Complex
  • Acts Like A Member of the Team
  • Is Violent
  • Is a Push Over
  • Quick to Blame Others
  • Don’t Accept Responsibility
  • Can’t Make A Decision
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Lack Good Communication Skills
  • Is A Gossiper


How Team Members Want To Be Treated By Their Leaders

Not only does the mission have requirements, so does your team. They'll want you to treat them in a "special way" (as was explained to me by one of my team members years ago) if you want them to help you to succeed. Here's how they will want to be made to feel and treated;

  • As Competent and Able To Complete The Mission
  • With Compassion
  • Respectful
  • Important
  • As If Their Work/Contribution Matters
  • Valued for Their Contribution

The best leaders lead by example. They are the vision that their team sees and aspires to be. A leader that tries to “fit in” with the team generally won’t generate much success. Leaderships requires a leader and that's what your team will need. They won't need another team member. Don't try to make friends with your team members to get them to accomplish the goals you set for them. Leave friendship at the ball parks, bars and bowling alleys in order to ensure that leadership and achievement remains inside of the workplace.

Likewise your team members will want a leader that checks their progress, encourages them and develops their skills and abilities when needed. They want to be praised for their successes and encouraged at times when they don’t succeed but make honest attempts to. They want their leader to be courageous and be someone that could look up to for protection and preservation of their interests. They want true leadership. Give them what they crave and step up and into your leadership position and be successful.


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    • livelifeworryfree profile image

      Princess Clark 4 years ago from The DMV

      Thanks for your share JamiJay. Unfortunately the decision leaders (use of that word loosely describing that woman) make can impact others well into the future. That's why the people choosing leaders, as well as those standing up to lead should make sure they are full equipped to handle the responsibility of real leadership. Wishing your boyfriend all the best!

    • JamiJay profile image

      Jami Johnson 4 years ago from Somewhere amongst the trees in Vermont.

      This is very useful. My boyfriend was (or was supposed to be) involved with a leadership program through his workplace. Several people were chosen including this woman who fits into your bad leader section, because of her negativity they canceled the whole program, so those who were willing to learn all of these great leadership skills were punished for her unwillingness to participate (it was something she obviously should not have agreed to and probably one who could have benefited the most from it). Anyhow, this was a well written and useful hub, thanks for sharing! Up and useful!