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How to Succeed in Corporate

Updated on March 5, 2015

Success in 9 Steps

1. Greet with a smile
Smile is always an intimate thing , it is really difficult to hate or punish someone when they are smiling at you. Always keep smile whenever you are interacting with people.

2. Offer help
Even if your schedule is busy , try to find time and help others with their work . When someone is looking up to you for help, it means you are successful. This keeps you in loop , helps you to gradually move up in positions and this is an important leadership skill.

3. Ask Questions
Ask questions whenever and whatever doubt you have.Asking questions doesn't make you fool in the team, but brilliant. Some people are afraid to ask questions thinking it will affect their status. But when you start asking questions , in time you will be more knowledged than your seniors.

4. Dress properly
The way you Dress makes half the person . So , if you dress well half your jpb is done in getting people's attention. Dressing is always a problem, some exploit the freedom of dressing , some dress poorly. Both of the things will affect your image and career. Know how appropriate you should dress.

5. Volunteer and say Yes
Whenever there is a new opportunity opening up , say YES and accept it . to me "Jack of all trades is better than Master of One", so volunteer yourself for any new opportunities ,whether it may be a social work, new location ,corporate sports , new job all together

6. Provide your full involvement
Keep your concentration in work when you are working. Keep your phones away while working. Have good sleep daily ,so you can concentrate during working hours.

7. Take Ownership
I did not understand the phrase while i started working. If there is a task that you are doing from the scratch and at the end of the task if you are giving it to someone else to complete. That is exactly opposite to taking ownership. One must see through that the task or job assigned to him is complete before jumping to another task.

8. Don't try to impress
Do not try to impress while work, trying to impress makes a bad impression that you actually don't have the capacity to work.

9. Be punctual
Keep your time whether to attend a meeting or to deliver the project to the clients. Keeping your time gives you benefit over many others because it is the most difficult thing given the environment we live in is so complex.


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