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How to Survive Without A Job

Updated on March 16, 2011


 Are you tired of your job with the traffic, office politics, meetings, and stress?  You don't have to deal with it anymore after reading, How to survive without a salary by Charles Long.

How to Survive Without a Salary

How to survive without a salary wriiten by Charles Long, is a book that shows you how he quit his job and lived well with his family.

He shows you how to prepare for quitting your job by reducing your expenses to the bone, paying off debt and creating multiple small incomes from your home.  This is not a get rich quick book but rather a live a good life without a job book.

The process is made for the real world and can be done by anyone regardless of their income.  He gives many valuable and unconventional tips for living without a salary.  I have read many of these types of books but this one is much different in that it gives the reader many ideas for living without a income that seem to work for anyone. 

Bottom Line - If you hate your job and want a better life, buy this book.


 Life is to short to be dealing with a stressful job and obnoxious coworker, read the book and make a change in your life.


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