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How to Target The Nigerian Market

Updated on February 13, 2011

I have always advised people to stop trying to make money online by targeting a market you don't understand. Now I want to tell you how to target the Nigerian market with you.

Nigerians are just getting used to the internet and its a huge market for internet marketing and internet business. Here are some niches that you can target in Nigeria:

a. Start selling your merchandise on Nairalist. I know an individual who sold 30 laptops in just 3 weeks on Nairalist.

b. Do you have knowledge on "how to get a UK/US Visa", "how to get your dream husband", Importing & exporting, How to pass chemistry, Canada Migration, network marketing etc. Then you can turn your knowledge to ebook and sell it. I sold 4 million naira worth of ebooks few months back based on my knowledge. If i can then you can do so too.

To start selling your own E-books too like i did, just contact me on or +2347036288612 and I will design your own website, write an E-book on any topic of your choice for you and a sales letter plus free mentorship at a very cheap price.

c. Start Blogging on a specific topic that will benefit Nigerians - Linda Ikeji blogs about entertainment, Deolu Akinyemi blogs about leadership, BellaNaija blogs on fashion & hot deals etc. The above people make money from their blogs.

Let Me Help You Design a Website or blog that makes you money on a Daily Basis. Get Your Monthly Cheque With Google using a simple system which I will create for you almost free of charge. Call +2347036288612 or email me at

The above are three of the many niches out there. I mentioned them to get you thinking...

To target the Nigerian market, simply think about a service that people will need, and provide it via internet. The good thing is,  you don't need an office to do so, just your room alone.

DO you have any idea, simply shoot me a mail and i'll help you fine tune it for the Nigerian market.


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    • Chrisobas profile image

      Chrisobas 7 years ago

      nice hub but must be quick to add that I have a nice entertainment bog too, check it out on and you will be amazed. Nigeria must be great!