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How to Throw a House Party

Updated on November 15, 2011

What You Need for a House Party

House parties are a lot of fun and can be a quick way to get a jump start to your new business. The first thing you want to know is even though you are excited about your new business, don't get on the phone to all your friends and family trying to "sell" them on your business. This is hard to do and you will most likely be told to do this, but don't. Your family and friends don't want to feel like you're just trying to sell them.

What you want to do is go buy some invitations. Just get cheap ones, like at the Dollar Store. You don't need to spend a lot of money. You also want to have something for your guests to drink, it doesn't matter what just whatever you think people will like.

Setting up a House Party

On the day of your house party, you want to set up a table with all of your products and pamphlets or brochures for people to look at. Also have glasses and ice (or styrofoam if you prefer) ready.

If you're going to have people watch a video, make sure your DVD/VHS player is ready. Dress professionally, you don't have to go crazy here. You do want to present as a professional.

* Once people start arriving, greet them and offer them something to drink.

* Just be casual and talk about how he/she is doing. DON'T jump into your products yet unless somebody specifically asks you.

* After everybody arrives, or your time comes to start (whatever you put on your invitation) if a confident tone, say "I guess we'll go ahead and get started." You may want to practice saying this in front of a mirror while smiling until you feel comfortable with it.

* Do your presentation. You also want to practice this BEFORE your guests arrive. You don't want to sound un-sure about your company or products.

* At the end of your presentation, ask if anybody has any questions. Then ASK for the sale. An easy way to do this, is by handing out brochures/pamphlets and saying, "Go ahead and look through the brochures and mark down whatever you want.

* End with more casual talking, thank everyone for coming and helping you out.


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