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Online Home Business; Best Online Businesses

Updated on March 22, 2013

Blogging for Easy, Passive Income

Blogging is number one. The reason for this is because blogging can lead to earnings in the six figure bracket if care is taken to learn the ropes of successful blogging. There are free blogs that will make the first year of blogging a lost lest painful, however, it is strongly advised to move into a paid service before your blog grows a very large audience.

There are bloggers who have started blogging their recipes daily and published their cumulative recipes in an ebook after approximately one year, and found themselves making $10,000 from the ebook sales alone within six months. There are also bloggers who have a good healthy blog that earns them $600 per month. The beauty of these blogs is that they are generate passive income. It is essential to post regularly to keep the audience interested and growing, but articles that were posted months ago will still be generating income for you. I have to say that having a blog is the single best way to earn money online.

A quick tip on starting a blog:

It can be frustrating to write articles and see very little revenue or audience for the first several months. One way to make the early stages of blogging a lot more pleasant is to write here at hubpages. This is a supportive community where you will make friends and share knowledge and experiences while earning through adsense and other affiliate programs. Its kind of a training ground that will greatly speed up the process of learning the art of blogging. To join Hubpages now- CLICK HERE!

Writing an ebook

Another great online home business is writing ebooks. The big plus to this is that it is passive income. The hard work you put in today could become very big business two years from now, and then become even more popular in five years. The down side to writing ebooks is that there is some stiff competition in the ebook world. If you have a desire to write ebooks it may be a good idea to start blogging first and grow your audience, and then use your blog to launch your ebooks.

Some ebook writers have become very popular in genres and are earning six figures from their dozen or so ebooks. The topics that seem to work best for new writers are, cook books, vampire topics and books about social media.

Social Bookmarking

If you are an online writer or have some kind of online home business you must be familiar with social bookmarking and using social media to promote your work.

Social bookmarking is a way of simply bookmarking your articles on Digg, Delicious, or Stumbleupon. This will give your lonely articles an instant boost with Google and other search engines.

Join Facebook if do not already have a profile. But, since you are a business, do not just focus on your personal profile, be sure to start a facebook fan page/ or business page, that represents your business, or blog. After you have that business page be prepared to start another one for each book that you write.

To really be serious about your blog, or ebook, start a Twitter account under the name of your business or ebook.

These are sure fire ways to promote your online home business. Obviously it will take time and effort, but the time and effort you put into your business could pay off handsomely in the long run.

Facebook Applicatons

Applications is a tool that you can install onto your Facebook pages and profile. They help you connect in unique ways. The website , has a list of popular apps on facebook, some require a fee.

Social RSS is an application installed on Facebook that allows to add your blogs and live Twitter updates to your personal profile. When adding this application, you can create a new box tab that appears at the top of your Facebook profile page.

Networked Blogs is a fun application that promotes your blog and the blogs of your strategic partners, and friends. Social media is about promoting and marketing not only your own business, but those others too. The big benefit of this application is that it puts your blog onto a directory of blogs on Facebook, allowing your blog fans to promote your blog on their Facebook page, as well as other blogs they like to follow. This application is available at

Social Media

With Facebook being the biggest social media vehicle on the web, it can be an extremely effective form of advertising. Anyone can sign up for Facebook advertising, and there is no set up cost for an ad.

The Best Way to Go About Placing An Advertisement

Creating a Facebook ad is easy. It is usually a good idea to start with one or two ads, track how they are performing, and them create more ads when you can gauge what works best for your particular business.

Types of Advertising models

  • Cost per thousand impressions: Also knows as Pay for Views, this cost model is based on the number of impressions your ad generates. In other words the number of times it is shown to Facebook users when they are on the site. The current minimum CPM is $.02.
  • Cost per click: Wit this pricing model you specify the amount of money you are willing to spend if someone actually clicks on your ad. you are not charged each time someone sees the ad, only when someone actually clicks on it. The cost-per-click model also works on a bidding system, where the more you are willing to pay per click relative to what other advertisers are willing to spend, the more your ad will be shown to Facebook users that you specify in your ad targeting. The minimum cost per click for Facebook ad is $.01


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